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Interior Design Books For Family Homes: Five Of My Favourites

November 22, 2021

If You’re Looking For Interior Inspiration, Here Are My Favourite Interior Design Books For Family Homes

Hands up, I love interior design books and could happily read them all day long. If I didn’t have small people asking for snacks and stuff to do, of course.

The best interior design books for families

There are a lot of interior design books out there, but the best interior design books for me are ones for and about family homes, books that offer ideas for creating practical yet beautiful homes when you have kids. Or ones that just have really lovely photos to look at.

Here are the best interior design books that are brilliant for families and for creative family homes.

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Why Are Interior Design Books for Family Homes Useful?

Since we’ve been renovating our family home, interior design books have been a source of ideas and inspiration, and during lockdown they were pure interior escapism (I also love looking at house tours online…anyone else?).

My favourite interior design books are ones which are great for families, with lots of great photos but also of ideas for creative family homes that really embrace having children in them and aren’t full of things children can’t touch and adults dread getting damaged.

Here Are My Favourite Interior Design Books For Family Homes:

The best interior design books for family homes and families

Creative Family Homes by Ashlyn Gibson

This is a brilliant book showcasing creative, colourful and bold family homes and how people live in them with children. There are lots of ideas for family life, and it’s just lovely (my kids love looking at this too).

Buy it here.

Creative Children’s Spaces by Ashlyn Gibson

The follow-on book to Creative Family Homes, this book delves further into spaces specifically for children, from bedrooms to reading nooks and dens. There are more lovely photos and enviable homes with lots of creative ideas.

Buy it here.

The Little Book Of Living Small by Laura Fenton

I love this book – If you’re living with limited square footage, as lots of us are, this book highlights how families happily live in small spaces (top tip – less stuff!). Although lots of these houses are in the US and I probably wouldn’t exactly call them small by UK standards, there are some beautiful houses and lots of tips and ideas.

Buy it here.

Design Bloggers At Home: Fresh Interiors Inspiration From Leading On-line Trend Setters by Ellie Tennant

If you ignore the title, this book showcases some really lovely family houses. We actually had the idea for our side return extension from this book (which was a Christmas present for me that ended up costing an awful lot more).

Buy it here.

Design Mom book - Gabrielle Blair

Design Mom: How To Live With Kids, A Room By Room Guide by Gabrielle Blair

Blogger and influencer Design Mom aka Gabrielle Blair shares all her knowledge for creative family life and how to still have a stylish house when you have kids. There are lots of tips in here for creative family living and family life in general.

Buy it here.

Faded Glamour by Pearl Lowe

While I wouldn’t exactly call most of these interiors family-friendly – although Pearl’s amazing house is home to her children – there are some gorgeous homes in here, with the kind of vintage glamour you’d happily find at the charity shop. And it’s lovely to look at.

Buy it here.

You can also buy her new version, Faded Glamour at the Seaside, which looks fab. Buy it here.

Once You’ve Read About My Favourite Interior Design Books, Read These:

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