Nicknames For Jessica: 71 Of The Best Jessica Nicknames

June 6, 2023

Searching For Nicknames For Jessica? Read This Post For The Best Jessica Nicknames

If You Love The Name Jessica, Read This Post For 71+ Of The Best Jessica Nicknames

If you’re picking the name Jessica for your baby girl, you might be looking for the best nicknames for Jessica and the Jessica meaning.

While the name itself is short and sweet, you might also want a pet name to give your baby (I know I did!).

So here’s our list to help you find your perfect Jessica nickname, including cute and funny nicknames for Jessica.

Nicknames for Jessica - best Jessica nicknames

Wondering what does the name Jessica mean? We also look at the Jessica meaning, how popular the name Jessica is, middle names for Jessica and famous people named Jessica.

What Does The Name Jessica Mean? The Jessica Meaning

Looking for the Jessica name meaning?

The Jessica meaning potentially has Hebrew roots, and the Jessica meaning is rich or God beholds.

There is no note of the name being used until William Shakespeare’s play “The Merchant of Venice,” in which the character Shylock’s daughter is named Jessica. So Jessica is potentially a name created by Shakespeare using the Hebrew root name Iscah.

How Popular Is Jessica As A Name?

Jessica meaning - what is the meaning of the name Jessica?

How popular is the name Jessica? And is Jessica a rare name?

In the US, Jessica was the most popular girl’s name for over two decades (taking over from Jennifer). Jessica is now the 508th most popular American name for girls.

In terms of how popular Jessica is as a name in the UK, Jessica is currently the 49th most popular name for girls.

Need Middle Names For Jessica?

Looking for a middle name for Jessica

Try one of our gender-neutral names.

If you like floral names, try a flower baby name.

Or try a royal baby name.

Look at our list of old lady names and rare names for girls or 150 one syllable girl names.

What Is The Name Jess Short For?

What is Jess short for?

While Jess can be short for Jessica, Jess can be a stand-alone name in its own right.

Jess can also be short for the names Jesse and Jessie.

Famous People Named Jessica

Looking for famous people named Jessica? Try one of these famous Jessica namesakes:

Jessica Simpson, singer

Jessica Beal, actor

Jessica Alba, actor

Jessica Chastain, actor

Jessie J, singer

Jessica Jones, Marvel character

71 Nick names For The Name Jessica

Funny nicknames for Jessica - funny Jessica nickname

Here are 71+ nick names for the name Jessica:

  1. Jess
  2. Jessa
  3. Jesse
  4. Jes
  5. Jesa
  6. Jes
  7. Jessy
  8. Jesy
  9. Jessie
  10. Jesie
  11. Jessi
  12. Jesi
  13. Jessey
  14. Jesey
  15. Jecca
  16. Jeca
  17. Jesca
  18. Decca
  19. Iscah
  20. J
  21. JJ
  22. Jay
  23. JayJay
  24. Ess
  25. Es
  26. Essie
  27. Esie
  28. Essy
  29. Esy
  30. Essi
  31. Esi
  32. Essey
  33. Esey
  34. Sika
  35. Sikka
  36. Sica
  37. Sicca
  38. Jez
  39. Jezz
  40. Jezy
  41. Jezzy
  42. Jem
  43. Jemm
  44. Jemma
  45. Jema
  46. Jessia
  47. Jesia
  48. Sia
  49. Ci
  50. Si
  51. CiCu
  52. SiSi
  53. Yessica
  54. Ica
  55. Ika
  56. Jaci
  57. Jae
  58. Jessimae
  59. Jesymae
  60. Jamie
  61. Cass
  62. Cassie
  63. Jeski
  64. Jesski     

Cute And Funny Nicknames For Jessica:

Here are cute and funny nicknames for Jessica:

  1. Miss J
  2. Hess
  3. Yess
  4. Juicy
  5. Jessie J
  6. Jester
  7. Jezter

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