Nicknames For Maeve: 51 Of The Best Maeve Nicknames

July 20, 2023

Need Nicknames For Maeve? Read The Best Maeve Nicknames

If You Love The Name Maeve For Your Baby, Read This Post For 51+ Of The Best Maeve Nicknames

If you are picking Maeve for your baby, you might be looking for the best nicknames for Maeve plus the Maeve meaning and middle names for Maeve.

While the name Maeve itself is classic and strong, you might also want a pet name to give your baby.

Nicknames for Maeve - best Maeve nicknames

Read our list to help you find your perfect Maeve nickname, including cute and funny nicknames for Maeve.

Wondering what does the name Maeve mean? We look at the Maeve meaning, how popular the name Maeve is, middle names for Maeve and famous people called Maeve.

The Meave Meaning: What Does The Name Maeve Mean?

Looking for the Maeve meaning?

Maeve is a female given name of Irish origin. The Maeve meaning is ‘she who intoxicates’. Maeve also appears in Irish mythology.

Traditional spellings of Maeve are Meabh, Medb and Meadhbh.

Need Middle Names For Maeve?

Looking for a middle name for Maeve?

Read our list of rare names for girls or 150 one syllable girl names.

If you like floral names, try a flower baby name.

Try one of our gender-neutral names.

How Popular Is Maeve As A Name?

Maeve meaning - meaning of the name Maeve

Is Maeve a rare name? How popular is the name Maeve?

In the US, Maeve is the 104th most popular American name for girls.

In terms of how popular Maeve is as a name in the UK, Maeve is currently the 77th most popular name for girls.

Famous People Named Maeve

Looking for famous people named Maeve? Try one of these famous Maeve namesakes:

Maeve Binchy, Irish novelist

Maeve O’Donovan, singer

Maeve Quinlan, tennis player and actress

Maeva D’Ascanio, TV personality

51 Nick names For The Name Maeve

Funny nicknames for Maeve - funny Maeve nicknames

Here are 51+ nick names for the name Maeve to help you find your perfect Maeve nickname:

  1. Mae
  2. May
  3. Maev
  4. Mav
  5. Mave
  6. Mayv
  7. Maeva
  8. Mavis
  9. Mai
  10. Vi
  11. ViVi
  12. Maevy
  13. Maevey
  14. Mev
  15. Meeve
  16. Meev
  17. Meve
  18. Eve
  19. Evie
  20. Evy
  21. Evi
  22. Aev
  23. Ava
  24. Maevo
  25. Mavo
  26. Meabh
  27. Medb
  28. Meadhbh
  29. Meave
  30. Meav
  31. Em
  32. Emm
  33. Emme
  34. Emie
  35. Emmie
  36. Emy
  37. Emmy
  38. Emu
  39. Vave
  40. Vav
  41. Vaves
  42. Vev
  43. Veves
  44. Ve
  45. VeVe
  46. Vee
  47. VeeVee

Cute And Funny Nicknames For Maeve:

Here are cute and funny nicknames for Maeve to help you find your perfect funny Maeve nickname:

  1. Miss M
  2. Maverick
  3. Maevey Wavey
  4. Wavey
  5. Mayo
  6. Wave
  7. Mauve
  8. Rave

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