Nicknames For Eliana: 81 Of The Best Eliana Nicknames

May 23, 2023

Are You Looking For Nicknames For Eliana? Read This Post For The Best Eliana Nicknames

If You Love The Name Eliana, Read This Post For 81+ Of The Best Eliana Nicknames

If you’re going to pick the name Eliana for your baby girl, you might be looking for the best nicknames for Eliana and the Eliana meaning.

While the name itself is strong and sweet, you might also want a pet name to give your baby. So here’s our list to help you find your perfect Eliana nickname, including cute and funny nicknames for Eliana.

Nicknames for Eliana - best Eliana nicknames

Wondering what does the name Eliana mean? We also look at the Eliana meaning, how popular the name Eliana is, middle names for Eliana and famous people named Eliana.

What Does The Name Eliana Mean? The Eliana Meaning

Looking for the Eliana name meaning?

Eliana is a name for girls with Hebrew, Latin and Greek origins.

The Eliana meaning is ‘God has answered.’ The Eliana meaning is take n from the word el (God) and ana (answered).

Eliana is also considered a version of the Latin name Aeliana, derived from the Roman last name Aelius.

Aelius is derived from the Greek word helios, which means sun.

Like Girls Names That Start With El?

If you like girls names with the el sound, you can also try Ella Elizabeth, Eliza and Eleanor or Isabella. Or Elias for boys.

How Popular Is Eliana As A Name?

Eliana meaning plus nickname for Eliana

How popular is the name Eliana? Is Eliana a rare name?

In the US, Eliana is the 41st most popular American name for girls.

In terms of how popular Eliana is as a name in the UK, Eliana is currently the 189th most popular name for girls.

Need Middle Names For Eliana?

Looking for a middle name for Eliana?

Try one of our gender-neutral names.

Look at our list of old lady names and rare names for girls or 150 one syllable girl names.

If you like floral names, try a flower baby name.

Or try a royal baby name.

Famous People Named Eliana

Looking for famous people named Eliana? Try one of these famous Eliana namesakes:

Eliana, Brazilian actress, presenter and model

Eliana González, actor

Eliana Jones, model

81 Nick names For The Name Eliana

Funny Eliana nicknames - funny nicknames for Eliana

Here are 81+ nick names for the name Eliana

  1. El
  2. Eli
  3. Ell
  4. elli
  5. Elle
  6. Els
  7. Ela
  8. Elles
  9. Ellesy
  10. Elsy
  11. Elia
  12. Elian
  13. Eliane
  14. Ellie
  15. Elly
  16. Elie
  17. Ely
  18. Liana
  19. Ana
  20. Anna
  21. Ane
  22. Anie
  23. Annie
  24. Lee
  25. Leeli
  26. Lill
  27. Lili
  28. Lily
  29. Lilly
  30. Lilli
  31. Lilie
  32. Lillie
  33. Lana
  34. Lain
  35. Laine
  36. Laney
  37. Lanie
  38. Lanna
  39. Lannie
  40. Lany
  41. Lanny
  42. Li
  43. LiLi
  44. Lia
  45. Lena
  46. Len
  47. Leny
  48. Lenny
  49. Lenie
  50. Leni
  51. Lennie
  52. Lenni
  53. E
  54. Ee
  55. La
  56. LaLa
  57. Ellabella
  58. Belle
  59. Belles
  60. Besley
  61. Bella
  62. Lella
  63. Lello
  64. Lely
  65. Lelly
  66. Ellis
  67. Ellison
  68. Elaine
  69. Aeliana
  70. Ellyanah
  71. Illyanna

Cute And Funny Nicknames For Eliana:

Here are cute and funny nicknames for Eliana:

  1. Miss E
  2. Missy
  3. Elles Belles
  4. El Bell
  5. Elle Belle
  6. Bella Boo
  7. Ella Bee
  8. Ellamay
  9. Ella Enchanted
  10. Lean
  11. Leliana

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