Nicknames For Stella: 51 Of The Best Stella Nicknames

May 23, 2023

Searching For Nicknames For Stella? Read This Post For The Best Stella Nicknames

If You Love The Name Stella, Read This Post For 51+ Of The Best Stella Nicknames

If you’re picking the name Stella for your newborn baby girl, you might be looking for the best nicknames for Stella and the Stella meaning.

While the name itself is strong and sweet, you might also want a pet name to give your baby (I know I did!).

So here’s our list to help you find your perfect Stella nickname, including cute and funny nicknames for Stella.

Nicknames for Stella - best Stella nicknames

Wondering what does the name Stella mean? We also look at the Stella meaning, how popular the name Stella is, middle names for Stella and famous people named Stella.

What Does The Name Stella Mean? The Stella Meaning

Looking for the Stella name meaning?

The Stella meaning is star. Stella is a name with Latin roots, and is taken from the actual Latin word for star.

Stella was first used as a name by poet Philip Sidney in 1590 for his poem collection Astophel & Stella.

Like Girls Names That With An El Sound?

If you like girls names with the el sound, you can also try Ella, Eliana and Eleanor or Isabella. Or Elias for boys.

How Popular Is Stella As A Name?

funny nickname for Stella - funny Stella nicknames

How popular is the name Stella? And is Stella a rare name?

In the US, Stella is the 40th most popular American name for girls.

In terms of how popular Stella is as a name in the UK, Stella is currently the 322nd most popular name for girls.

Need Middle Names For Stella?

Looking for a middle name for Stella?

Try one of our gender-neutral names.

If you like floral names, try a flower baby name.

Look at our list of old lady names and rare names for girls or 150 one syllable girl names.

Or try a royal baby name.

Famous People Named Stella

Looking for famous people named Stella? Try one of these famous Stella namesakes:

Stella McCartney, fashion designer (and daughter of Paul McCartney)

Stella Artois, beer brand

Stella Adler, actor and acting teacher

51 Nick names For The Name Stella

Funny Stella nickname - Stella meaning

Here are 51+ nick names for the name Stella

  1. Ste
  2. Stel
  3. Stell
  4. Estie
  5. Estee
  6. Estel
  7. Estell
  8. Estelle
  9. Ella
  10. El
  11. Ell
  12. Elle
  13. Els
  14. Ela
  15. Elles
  16. Ellesy
  17. Elsy
  18. Ellie
  19. Elly                             
  20. Elie
  21. Ely
  22. Tell
  23. Tel
  24. Tella
  25. Tela
  26. Tellie
  27. Telly
  28. Tely
  29. Telie
  30. Teli
  31. Telli
  32. La
  33. LaLa
  34. Lia
  35. S
  36. Ess
  37. Essie
  38. Essy
  39. Essie
  40. Essi
  41. La
  42. LaLa
  43. Lella
  44. Lello

Cute And Funny Nicknames For Stella:

Here are cute and funny nicknames for Stella:

  1. Miss S
  2. Star
  3. Starry
  4. Stared
  5. Steller
  6. Stella Bella
  7. Stells Bells
  8. Starling
  9. Steel
  10. Bella
  11. Belles

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