Nicknames for George: 51 Of The BEST George Nicknames

April 1, 2022

Are You Looking For Nicknames For George? Read This Post For The Best George Nickname

If George Is The Top Of Your Baby Name List, Read This Post For 51+ Of The Best George Nicknames

If the name George is on your baby name list, read this post for 51 nicknames for George along with the George meaning and middle names for George.

Nicknames for George - the best George nicknames

Really like the name George for your baby? If you’re thinking of picking the name George,  you might be looking for George nicknames, so here are 51 of the best.

Wondering what George means and how popular it is?

We also look at famous people called George, the meaning of the name George and where it appears on the baby name lists as well as Scottish nicknames for George.

What Does The Name George Mean? The George Name Meaning

Looking for the George name meaning?

The George name meaning is of Greek origin, and the George meaning is farmer or one who works with the earth.

How Popular Is George As A Baby Name?

How popular is the name George? Is George a rare name?

In the US, George is the 142nd most popular name for boys in America.

In the UK, George is the second most popular name for boys. There were 4100 boys called George registered that year.

Famous People Called George

Scottish nicknames for George

Looking for famous people called George

Famous people called George include:

Prince George (yes, it’s a royal baby name),

George Lucas, director

George Clooney, actor

George Ezra, singer

Looking For Middle Names For George?

On the hunt for middle names for George?

Read our list of 150 one syllable boy names.

You can also read our list of unusual boy names and 101 unisex names.

51 Nick names For The Name George

Here are 51+ George nicknames:

nicknames for George - best funny George nicknames
  1. Georgie
  2. Georgy
  3. G
  4. Gee
  5. GeeGee
  6. Gi
  7. GiGi
  8. Geeg
  9. Geegie
  10. Georgio
  11. Georgios
  12. Georgia
  13. Go
  14. GoGo
  15. Goe
  16. Gio
  17. Geo
  18. Jo
  19. Joe
  20. JoJo
  21. Jio
  22. Joji
  23. Gogi
  24. Orge
  25. Ore
  26. G-Man
  27. Gord
  28. Jord
  29. Jordy
  30. Jori
  31. Jorgie
  32. Gordy
  33. Ee
  34. EeEee
  35. Geeze
  36. Geezy
  37. Geezie

Scottish Nicknames For George

The following are Scottish nicknames for George:

  1. Dod
  2. Dody
  3. Doddy
  4. Doddie
  5. Dode

Cute And Funny Nicknames For George

Read these funny nicknames for George:

  1. Gorgeous George
  2. Prince George
  3. George Of The Jungle
  4. Georgie Bear
  5. Georgie Boy
  6. Georgie Porgie
  7. Georgekins
  8. Geezy Peezy
  9. G-Dog

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