Greentom Stroller Review; We Go Green And Try The Greentom Upp

June 23, 2016

If You’re Thinking About Buying A Greentom Upp Stroller, Read My Greentom Stroller Review

Looking For A Greentom Stroller Review? Want To Buy An Environmentally-Friendly Pram? Read On!

We’ve been testing out the Greentom Stroller, the Upp Classic Eco stroller, so here’s our Greentom Stroller review and what we thought of the world’s most environmentally friendly buggy.

So do the green credentials match up to the job in hand, and is it a viable alternative to the traditional pram? Here’s our Greentom Upp review.

Greentom stroller review - we test out the Greentom Upp classic eco stroller

Firstly, What Is The Greentom Upp? Here’s More About The Enviromentally-Friendly Greentom Pram:

  • The pram is made of recycled bottles – 53, to be precise
  • There’s an environmentally-friendly sustainable design, built on a ‘less is more’ philosophy
  • You can even recycle it once you’re out of the baby days
  • So on the face of it the Greentom Upp is a very green stroller.

Greentom review - eco stroller review Greentom review - Upp classic eco buggy

I was excited to be offered one for review as it sounded great, and covers issues that are increasingly important to me and lots of parents.

Environmentally friendly options like cloth nappies are becoming more common, so why not go green with your pram?

Review of Greentom Upp Classic eco stroller buggy

We made a little Greentom Upp unboxing video which you can see here:

Here’s Our Greentom Stroller Review And More About The Greentom Upp

What We Liked About The Greentom Pram:

  • We loved the eco credentials which are very appealing and refreshing. Why aren’t more baby products made along similar lines?
  • The pram wins bonus points for coming in simple packaging without hundreds of additional boxes and bags. There’s so much stuff and waste involved with children and everything that comes with them so anything you can do to minimalise this is great
  • It was also really easy to put together, even in the company of two small children and Elsa, see above video
  • In use the pram is light and easy to push. It handles really well
  • The seat is really deep and seems very comfortable. There’s also a nifty recline system which is a bonus.

Greentom Upp review - side view

What We Didn’t Like About The Greentom App Stroller:

  • Despite being an eco design created on a ‘less is more’ philosophy, the pram is somewhat wide and the frame does seem overley plastic and chunky

Greentom Upp review - width of pram

  • The pram is lightweight and stands up when folded, but it’s not particularly portable  – we didn’t find an easy way to carry it when folded down (as opposed to say the Bugaboo Bee 5 where you use the handle over your shoulder, or with your typical umbrella fold where you can carry it on your shoulder or back). So it’s not ideal for public transport
  • There’s no suspension, which isn’t unusual for this type of pram and apparently the frame is designed to withstand shock. However, I have found on more than a couple of occasions that the front wheels have got stuck mid-push on curbs or bumps in the path and I’ve nearly tipped the pram up over the top
  • It doesn’t come with a raincover which seems strange considering it retails at around £160 so isn’t a budget option
  • I know there’s more to prams than the shopping basket, but it’s something you use a lot. And the basket on the Greentom Upp is tiny (it’s basically a shelf with a small lip). You definitely can’t fit the change bag in there, or bags of shopping, or anything at all really. For such an eco-focused pram it makes it much less useful to take out to well, most places.

Greentom review -  Greentom Upp Classic eco stroller buggy

What Did We Think About The Greentom Stroller?

There’s lots of good things about this pram that we found out when testing for our Greentom stroller review, but I think the biggest roadblock I found with this particular design is the actual design itself.

Most parents I know start with the bigger pram / travel system them move on to a lightweight umbrella fold later on. This design is somewhere in the middle – it’s for the older child but then it’s bigger than and much less portable than your average Maclaren – so I’m not sure how useful it is and how much use you’d get out of it.

Greemtom stroller review - we review the Greentom Upp buggy to see how suitable it is for babies

If eco credentials are a huge factor at the toddler age and stage then buying a second or third-hand lightweight umbrella fold might be a better option.

There are two other designs from Greentom that are more suitable for newborns, which might be worth investigating if you’re looking to buy a first pram.

We were sent the Greentom pram for a review – all thoughts and opinions are our own.

If you liked our Greentom stroller review:

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