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5 Of Our Favourite Family-Friendly Nintendo Switch Games

November 15, 2022

Here Are 5 Of Our Favourite Family-Friendly Nintendo Switch Games

(Contains affiliate links) We love the Nintendo Switch in our house, so if you’re thinking of buying one for your children, here are our favourite family-friendly Nintendo Switch games.

family friendly nintendo switch games

Why Is The Nintendo Switch Good For Families?

The Nintendo Switch has been in our family for a while now – its a hand-held gaming console that was actually released in 2017 – but it is still something that all of us play. Like a lot of people, we really got into gaming during lockdown but a couple of years on, someone’s regularly on it. Kids AND adults.

Why is the Switch good for families? The Nintendo Switch is really versatile games console. You can play it as a hand-held console, or through the TV. It’s portable so you can take it on journeys. It’s also easy to control. Plus there are a lot of fun Nintendo Switch games you can play solo or as family.

And although screen time is always a bit of an issue for parents, I think it’s also really good for girls to like gaming.

Which Switch Do We Have?

We have the red and blue Switch version, but you can also get it in grey.

The Switch comes with the two detachable controllers, but if you want your whole family to play at once, with games like Just Dance or Mario Kart, you can buy extra controllers. We have these ones, and you can also get them in purple and orange.

It’s also good for travel (and train journeys) so we have a Nintendo Switch travel case to keep it safe.

Our Five Favourite Nintendo Switch Games For Families

Here are our favourite kid-friendly Nintendo Switch games we all enjoy.

family friendly games for kids for the nintendo switch

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  • Probably everyone’s favourite game – and the one we’ve played the most – Animal Crossing is a ‘life-simulation’ game where you build a town on a island populated by anthropomorphic animal islanders. With daily tasks and long-term building projects, it’s a calm, creative and really cute game you can play for hours / days / years.
  • Buy it here.

2. Just Dance

  • Just Dance is an activity game that’s been around since 2009, with a new release each year. Each version contains dance routines to around 40 songs, from more modern versions – we love all the K-Pop – through to older classics like ABBA. Holding the controller, you can dance in time to the different routines of varying levels of skill, and are given points which you can use to unlock new routines or buy characters. It can also help to have the wrist straps for the more energetic routines.
  • You can buy the new Just Dance 2023, or Just Dance 2022 is very cool too

3. Super Mario Kart Nintendo Switch

  • Everyone’s favourite racing game! This is good, competitive fun. Although the children beat me EVERY time.
  • Buy it here.

4. Pokemon

  • Another one with ‘super cute animals’ (not my expression!) Pokemon combines classic Pokemon battles with role play in animated poke-world.
  • You can buy the Let’s Go, Pikachu version here.

5. Super Mario Party

  • Turning the traditional board game into an online, 3D version, Super Mario Party contains a series of competitive tasks for players to compete as they play, along with around 80 mini games. Yet again, I never win!
  • You can buy Mario Party or Mario Party Superstars.

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