Festival of Love, The Southbank

July 20, 2016

This weekend had a bit of a heart-shaped-theme – we went to a wedding party, but met up beforehand with friends on The Southbank where the Festival of Love is taking place (very apt!). If you’re looking for some summer holiday activities for children in London then you should head down…

The Southbank sunny side poster, London

I have a lot of love – pun intended – for The Southbank, not least because it’s easy for us to get to and there’s always something interesting going on. It’s one of those places that whenever we go, we always think we should visit more (not least because…see previous sentence).

Festival of Love, The Southbank, London

We had street food (or street ice lollies for some of us) then wandered around:

Pastel del nata, street food, London

Ice lollies at The Southbank, London Bar at The Festival of Love, The Southbank, London The Southbank, London

And then headed to meet up at the best thing of all, the Brazilian-themed beach that’s currently in residence by the bank of the river. A giant sandpit next to some pop-up bars? Perfect combo, everyone was happy.

Summer beach at The Southbank, London

It’s worth going to for the sandpit alone which both the girls loved and spent ages playing in (although there was the suncream and sand combo…plus both of them picking up half the beach in their hair).

The beach, Festival of Love, Southbank, London,

Copacabana Beach, The Southbank, London

And here’s a token blurry-but-happy lift selfie on the way to our wedding party, along with half of the sand in our hair (of course). Here’s to lovely weekends, and love.

The Southbank, London

Have you been to The Southbank? More info on what’s going on over the summer is here. If you’re looking for some summer holiday ideas for London, then check out my guide to the best London parks, ideas for toddler activities in London, things to do in London when you’re two, London Zoo, The Science Museum and the Horniman Museum. Phew.

And if you’re not quite at that stage yet, then here’s how to get a Baby on Board badge and tips to get around London’s public transport with a pram. And on that link-tastic note, I’m off to drink a giant pint of cold squash before one of my too-hot children wakes up.

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