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  • London Zoo, for two

    London Zoo playground

    One of the great things about living in London with children is all the amazing things for them to do. And in typical living-in-London style, if they’re slightly far away we don’t often venture to actually do them.

    This is why it took a Christmas present from my parents to get us to visit London Zoo (Christmas was ten months ago, it’s taken us that long. Can we still blame the baby bubble?).

    penguins at London zooPenguin enclosure at London ZooPhotos at London Zoo

    Here’s five fairly random zoo ‘facts’ from our trip this weekend:

    1) At very nearly one, Florence was (obviously) a bit too young to really appreciate it fully, but absolutely loved the penguins. At nearly-four, Eliza loved most of it, and wanted to go again the next day. There’s a pretty decent playground in there too, as well as the animals.

    2) It probably pays to go out of season – although it was a Saturday it didn’t seem that busy. Also, if you* buy tickets online it’ll save you having to queue to buy them. (* your mum buys them for you for Christmas. What a great idea for a present – mums, eh?)

    3) ┬áThe last time I went to the zoo was years and years ago, with my friend, as a sort of distraction pre-drinking (I’m pretty sure we went to the pub after). That time we saw Ian Brown in the monkey enclosure, brilliantly enough. No perfectly fitting celeb spots this time, but the animal photography prize exhibition photos are pretty amazing and are there until February 2016.

    London Zoo photography prize

    4) Elephant pregnancies are *this* long?

    Elephant pregnancies

    5) If your child decides she really, really more than anything wants her face painted, then it’s probably best to get it done there and then instead of hoping she’ll forget about it and then have to trek back twenty minutes later, when there’s a queue. It was one of the highlights of her day though (as well as giraffes. And the zebras. Oh, and the flamingos).

    Oh and I’m pretty excited to be writing about all things baby and London over on the brand new Time Out London blog. Here’s my first post about my top five secret places to visit in London with children.

    More London…things to do in Crystal Palace, how to get a Baby on Board badge and tips for getting around London on public transport with a baby.


    1. October 13, 2015 / 2:50 pm

      I do love a trip to London Zoo. Big Red always reaches her most happy point when she see s the giraffes… I’m not sure why! This and the Horniman are her favourite places to go in London….. hmmm… I wonder what I’m up to this weekend !!!!

    2. November 3, 2015 / 11:57 am

      I love London Zoo! It’s about time we paid it another visit. Although our two said the highlight of the day for them was the play park, not the animals….kids, eh!

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