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Find The Photo Booth At Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross

July 20, 2023

How to Find The Coal Drops Yard Photo Booth This Summer

If you’re looking for fun things to do in London with tweens and teens, we love taking photos at the photo booth at Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross.

The Coal Drops Yard booth is one of the only traditional photo booths left in London which will instantly print your photos in old fashioned photo strips.

How to find the phoot booth at Coal Drops Yard

Which is such a novelty for digital-camera-era children (and adults!).

Now my children are getting slightly older – not so much babies on board any more! – the type of thing they like to do in London has changed. While they’re not so keen on some of the things we used to do all the time when they were younger, there is, however, SO much for tweens and tween to do in London.

Taking photos at the photo booth at Coal Drops Yard is a slightly random but fun thing my kids ask to do every holiday.

What Is Coal Drops Yard? And Where Is It?

Coal Drops Yard London

The Coal Drops Yard area of Kings Cross was originally the place of historical ‘coal drop’ buildings built in 1850. Right by the Regents Canal, the area was originally used as a coal distribution and storage facility.

It eventually became warehouse, a nightclub (which I went to in my youth!) and offices. before becoming derelict.

It has since been regenerated as a super-modern shopping and food area. It’s also the home of Autofoto, the booth where you can take photos.

Coal Drops Yard is at N1C 4DQ, nearest stations are Kings Cross and St Pancras stations.

Where Is The Autofoto Booth At Coal Drops Yard?

Autofoto Coal Drops Yard

Autofoto is under the Lower Stable Street Arch off Stable Street (at the end of this photo, tucked way near the stairs) Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross, London, NC1 4DQ.

You can find a handful of other booths around London here.

Photo booth at Coal Drops Yard Lonodn

How Much Is The Photo Booth (And How Do You Pay?)

Find the photo booth at Coal Drops Yard

The photo booth costs £5 a strip, and the photos are printed within about five minutes.

You pay for photos via contactless credit card.

What Else Is There To Do Around Kings Cross?

Things for tweens to do in London

Once you’re found the photo booth at Coal Drops Yard, in terms of other things for tweens and tweens to do around Kings Cross, we like the following:

  • The water fountains at Granary Square
  • Sitting by the canal
  • The Postal Museum and Mail Rail
  • The Foundling Museum
  • Corams Fields Playground

More Things to Do In London

More things we like to do in London with tweens include:

The Tate Modern

The Florence Nightingale Museum

The Transport Museum

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