Britax Affinity Stroller Review: Is It A Good Pushchair For A Toddler?

August 17, 2014

If You’re Looking For A Pushchair For A Toddler, Read Our Britax Affinity Stroller Review 

Are you thinking about buying a Britax Affinity Stroller pushchair or buggy for a newborn or baby or as a pushchair for a toddler? We were sent the Britax Affinity to review as part of the Britax Ambassador programme, and have been testing it out for the past few weeks.

A good pushchair for a toddler? Review of the Britax Affinity stroller

I wrote about our first impressions of the Affinity, so here’s the full review. Our initial impressions were good; it seemed really comfortable, and it looks pretty sleek. So how did it fare after rigorous testing with a two-and-a-half year old?

More About The Britax Affinity Stroller – What’s Included With The Britax Affinity?

  • The Britax Affinity Stroller is a pram / pushchair that is suitable  from birth to 17kg, or four years
  • It weighs 11kg
  • The seat on the Britax Affinity stroller can be parent facing or forward facing, and there’s several different levels of recline
  • It converts to a travel system as you can use it with a car seat (the car seat adapters and also the rain cover are included)
  • It costs £409 if you buy it with the separate colour pack. This includes the seat pad and fabric parts of the pram
  • There’s several different colour options, all of which are pretty tasteful, and also a choice of a black and a silver frame

Here is the Britax Affinity stroller folded:

Britax Affinity

And like magic, here is the Britax Affinity stroller unfolded:

Britax Affinity stroller pram review

What Did We Like About The Britax Affinity?

  • The Britax Affinity stroller is really well designed, and looks pretty stylish, especially in black. The frame is sleek and very modern
  • It’s a really smooth ride and easy to push, even one-handed. It’s very sturdy and feels robust and secure
  • As a pushchair for toddlers, Eliza likes it and asks to use it for longer journeys. She’s also fallen asleep in it several times, which is surely the mark of a comfortable pram, right?
  • The shopping basket is wide and quite shallow, but you can get lots in there
  • I really like the clear plastic window in the rain / sun hood of the Britax Affinity, which is a great idea (plus, very fun for both of us)

What’s Not So Good About The Britax Affinity Stroller?

  • Although at 11kg it’s lighter than the Quinny Moodd, the Britax Affinity is still heavy. Although I can just about lift it when folded, I’m not able to carry it by myself, especially not up and down station steps at most old-school London train stations with no lifts, and not at eight months pregnant. For this reason we’ve tended to stick to using it only when Alex is with us and when we’re staying in our local area
  • As well as the weight, it’s not the smallest pram – the rear wheels are large and and the back wheel span is quite wide. This doesn’t make it suitable for urban use, and it’s not great on public transport, going into central London, in shops and so on
  • A safety point – there’s no hand strap on the handle, which seems an odd omission for the price
  • The pram handle is covered with leather, which can get quite…sticky in summer (nice).

Is The Britax Affinity A Good Pushchair For Toddlers?

Britax Affinity pushchair suitable for toddlers

Like lots of mums, we swapped our original pram for a lightweight umbrella fold when Eliza was around one-and-a-half. We tend to use this most of the time now, as it’s really light and easy to get around with, especially as Eliza likes to get out and walk a lot. However, the Affinity is designed to be used from birth to 17kg, or up to four years, which should make it suitable for toddlers.

At two-and-a-half Eliza does almost reach the top of Affinity seat already, which means she is quite squashed when the sun or rain hoods are down. Her legs also seem very long for it. She is really comfortable and enjoys being in it though, but I’m not sure it would last her until she’s four (especially as I doubt we’ll be using a pram anywhere near that long).

What’s Our Verdict On The Britax Affinity?

Review of the Britax travel systemThe Britax Affinity handles well, looks good and is very comfortable to both sit in and push. I wouldn’t buy it just for use with an older baby or toddler, but you’d get the greatest value for money buying it for a newborn. I wouldn’t recommend it if you use public transport a lot due to the size and weight (although if you drive then then this isn’t a problem). But it’s a strong pram, especially for the reasonable cost.

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