Britax Affinity review – first impressions of the pram

May 27, 2014

Here’s our Britax Affinity review…We’ve been sent a new pram to review, the Britax Affinity buggy,  as part of my role as a Britax Ambassador.

Britax Affinity review - we test out the new Britax buggy pram

As the Britax Affinity is suitable for use from birth, our Britax Affinity review is going to consist of us testing it in two modes – with a toddler (now) and then a newborn (in the not too distant future). A bit of pram background? We used the Bugaboo Bee – aka the ubiquitous London pram – from when Eliza was born as it was small and light, perfect for public transport and being in a top floor flat. We also have a basic Maclaren, bought to go on holiday, that we now use most of the time as it’s so light and compact.

While we put it the Britax Affinity through its paces for a proper review, here are our initial impressions.

Britax Affinity: assembling the pram…

The Affinity came in two boxes. The main body of the pram, then the fabric set (seat cover, basket lining and so on). Our noble pram assembler, Mr C and his little assistant Miss C put it all together.

Verdict? “It was easy to put up with no major problems.” I was pregnantly ‘project managing’ proceedings, and this did indeed appear to be the case. No frustrated swearing was heard during the making of this pram.

Britax Affinity: first looks…

We were sent the black model with Black Thunder fabric set. The seat itself is grey, but the frame and everything else is black or silver.

I think it looks really good – sleek, modern and pretty sophisticated as prams go. We generally go for more neutral colours (our Bugaboo is the sand one) and this is definitely a colourway I would have chosen.

Size-wise, it is bigger than our Bugaboo, especially in terms of the large back wheels and wider wheel span (but then it’s not marketed as a small, lightweight urban pram, so seems slightly mean to compare). And while it’s on the heavier side, I can still lift it – unlike the Quinny Moodd we tested – although I’m not sure I could lift it with a toddler in.

Britax Affinity: first outings

Britax Affinity pram

Again, over to Mr C, who took Eliza out in it last weekend so I could have a rest (e.g. paint my toenails in blissful silence).

Here are his thoughts:

  • It handles well, it’s a smooth push and really solid pram
  • The brake is certainly better than on our Maclaren (not hard!)
  • As it was sunny, the long hood and integrated sun visor were very useful
  • A small minus point; there’s no safety strap on the handle.
  • However. Eliza was comfortable, and liked holding on to the bar over the front.

And some thoughts from me, after taking Eliza to ‘the big shops’ this weekend:

  • The plastic window in the hood is pretty useful – you don’t have to keep peering round the front when the hood is down – and we both found it fun
  • We struggled slightly getting round some shops as it is just that little bit bigger at the back (in particular the crowded aisles of H&M were a challenge at points)
  • However, no problems getting on, off, or parking on the bus
  • Lots of storage space – so great for shopping – and no chance it will topple over when you take your toddler out

We’ll be posting a full Britax Affinity review in toddler mode soon.


The Britax Affinity retails at around £400. We were sent the Black Thunder model for the purposes of this review. If you liked our Britax Affinity review then read our Greentom Upp review and iCandy Raspberry review 


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  • Shirley

    August 28, 2014 at 5:44 am

    Looks a sturdy pram for new baby but what age does it go up to as Eliza looks a bit big for it already at age two? Britax have an excellent track record so safety wise it should pass the baby test

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