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March 23, 2016

Loft extension in progress

So, blogs and lofts. I can’t believe it’s been a year – oh time, you old trickster – but the MAD Blog Awards are open again and this year I would love a nomination in the best pre-school blog category (I was beyond thrilled to be a finalist for best pregnancy blog last year and get to go to the ceremony with none other than Dr Ranj, so thank you – Dr Ranj, mumlife highlight or what?)

This year we’ve graduated through to the pre-school category, which covers everything from the things they never tell you in NCT and the first year, to everything I’ve forgotten about toddlersirritating things that happen during naptime (and irritating things on TV). And all my thoughts on being on the pre-school precipice (including finally submitting the school application). And how life changes with little children, from everything to do with how London changes through to the gritty bits about being a mum of two, and the best bits. And, of course, doing it all on no sleep.

If you’d like to nominate A Baby on Board for best pre-school blog here that would be amazing! Thank yooou. If you need any more inspiration for other categories then you can read my favourite blogs page.

On to lofts…I love reading other people’s life updates on blogs (read: nosy) so wanted to do a little one here, but honestly? The only thing that’s up in ours at the moment is the loft conversion. Seriously, why did I have the idea that it would take a couple of weeks and be not at all disruptive?! All our loft stuff is all over the house, and the only loft-free room at the moment currently has the sofas moved and the carpet up so the buildings inspector can look under the floorboards (not a euphemism). And we’re in week 3 of 13. I’m really looking forward to week 14.

Also not too sure yet what’s the biggest challenge, being heavily pregnant during building work or having a pre-schooler and an energetic toddler running around getting covered in dust and attempting to scale scaffolding.

My default mode is now making drinks for the builders. Anyone have anything that’s actually interesting going on? Tea? x



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