Things You’ll Know If You’re A Mum Of Girls

May 5, 2016

Here Are All The Things You’ll Know If You’re A Mum Of Girls

Are you a mum of girls? Then read this to see if it sounds familiar.

Pink balloons

Mum of girls? Here’s all the things you’ll absolutely, definitely know, for sure:

  • They love pink EVERYTHING!
  • They don’t like running around or getting dirty!
  • Everything they wear is pink or glittery, or both!
  • They’re obsessed with Disney and princesses!

Oh wait what, that’s not 100% true for you? *Shocked face*

It’s DEFINITLY not for me.

Being A Mum Of Girls – And Stereotypes!

While some girls do run true to certain stereotypes, some go some way and some not at all, there’s a million different personalises in the middle, and guess what? It’s all fine. But since having two girls I’m amazed at reading so many gender-specific cliches in lists like this, even now, for boys AND girls (this post is prompted by one I read recently which stated that mums of girls will know ‘your house will resemble a glitter bomb at all times!’ Although mine is currently resembling something that’s covered in dust, this made me do a massive eye roll).

Things you might actually, possibly know if you’re a mum of girls:

People think you’ve won the genetic lottery: Having two girls is, apparently a desirable thing (there’s a whole subset of people on forums called SMOGs – Smug Mothers of Girls – I can never work out if this is a joke or not). But honestly? We didn’t have a preference. Or do anything. Apart from *that*, obviously. Twice.

But they still ask if you’d ‘try again’ for a boy: The third child is a big deal I’m not sure we’re wanting to make and even if we ever go there it won’t be based on wanting a boy (even though that would be great) or wanting a third girl (which would also be great too). Either would be brilliant, but there’s a whole lot more to consider than that.

They do fight, a lot: I wrote a post about the truth about two siblings and someone told me I should be glad that I have girls as they don’t fight. Ha! It’s such a weird and repressive myth that girls are gentle, passive and submissive. Mine do a fine line in off the sofa rugby tackles. Most days my middle name is ‘referee’.

People love to pigeon-hole – not least retailers: I wrote ages ago about our pretty pants shopping trip, and we’ve also had similar experiences buying pyjamas for them both (on buying some Cars one ‘Didn’t you see the Frozen ones over there?’ and some lion ones ‘your sons will love these!’ Hmmm)

Girls really are in to soft furnishings…So true to stereotype then…mine are getting in on the cushion game early…by taking them off the sofa and bouncing on them, then running round the room and bouncing on them some more. Constantly. If I had 10p for each time I put them back, I would probably be very rich and could pay all the ‘girls don’t run around!’ people to shush.

Everyone makes a big deal about boys in dresses but not girls in trousers: Boys in dresses is still a thing, even if it’s positive – people were cheeringly positive about Adele’s son wearing a Anna dress to Disney World. My daughter recently dressed as Captain America to her party; would that have been front page news if I was a famous singer? I don’t think so, which is a good thing. I imagine Adele’s son just wanted to wear the dress because he liked Anna or liked the dress, the same way my daughter loves Captain America and likes his kick-ass jumpsuits, so wanted to dress like him (albeit with silver party shoes and sparkly eyeshadow). When they’re this young they like what they like and it’s only adults that have the issue either way.

The v-word…although mums of girls don’t have to do the tissue paper thing or worry about getting wee in the eye, there’s *that* name issue and all the associated #awkward potential. After a lot of hoo-haa-ing about, we decided not to beat about the bush and are now using the correct anatomical terms which is fine if not slightly weird at first from the mouth of a 4-year-old. I do feel a certain responsibility about the way I bring up my two girls, but I reckon I’d feel that if they were boys.

They do love pink and princesses and glitter…and that’s OK: I used to be highly suspicious of pink and princesses (which is why we didn’t watch Frozen for years). But I realised that was my issue, not theirs. And now the princess classics are on our Saturday morning rotations – along with this –  the favourite toy in our house is this, despite being the most pink thing we own, But the point is that children will love what they love, girls or boys. It’s up to us to make sure they only choice they have isn’t just pink, or just blue and it’s just one for them to chose out of a spectrum. So lets stop with the tired stereotypes and let girls be girl…and kids be kids.

P.S. Our glitter is under lock and key as I’m not *that* stupid.

P.P.S…things they never tell you in NCT classes (but totally should) and how my mobile makes me a better mum.

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  • Cara

    May 8, 2016 at 9:20 am

    Hi, I have three children. A boy (the oldest), and two girls. They all have long hair and my girls are quick to point this out whenever someone questions my boy’s long hair (which is all the freaking time, I had a rant about it here: The only person who likes pink around here is my boy’s best friend, and he’s going off it a bit now. My girls favourite colours are orange, and yellow, and their room is blue. I do often wonder about them sharing while they’re fighting, but then they have so many wonderful moments too.
    I must admit that my boy flails his way through life in a whirl of hair and limbs, while my older girl is wonderfully calm and relaxed (she’s going to be one of those teenagers with the swishy hair and the long legs, she’s already working on it), and brilliant at playing by herself. When I went for the ultrasound for my third child and found out she was going to be a girl, I was relieved. I thought she’d be like the other one.
    She’s not. She’s Ivy. A whirling dervish of cheek and adorableness (if that’s a word). Called Ivy because I thought I was going to die when I had her and there’s a Primal Scream song that goes ‘Ivy, Ivy, you destroy me.’ She’s been testing me to the limits ever since. I
    Naturally, I wouldn’t have her any other way.
    Although you’re right. Three children is mad. Two arms, two legs. There’s always someone missing out!
    Thanks for a great post. I found it through the #willynilly.

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