TotsBots EasyFits Review: We Tried Reusable Nappies

June 29, 2016

Read Our Totsbots EasyFits Review

Here’s our TotsBots Easyfit review…

Reusable nappies…yes or no? We’ve been trying out the new EasyFit Star one-piece from reusable nappy makers TotsBots, to see how we got on.

We reviewed – and still use – the TotsBots Peenut reusable nappies so I was interested to see how we’d get on with this new type of reusable nappy design from TotsBots.

TotsBits easy fit review - how good are these new reusable nappies?

OK, so may be this wasn’t the most in-depth initial test…

Tots Bots EasyFit review - can cloth diapers cut it?

Cloth Nappies – It’s Complicated!

I did consider using cloth nappies when Eliza was a baby but they always seemed so complicated. Every cloth nappy fan I spoke to would say this wasn’t true, but then launch into a bafflingly detailed description of the different types and pieces and boosters and liners, and, at a time when I was having trouble remembering my name or stringing words together, it seemed, well, too much of an unnecessary complication.

If a single person had said to me you could get one piece nappies which were exactly the same as disposables, you just put them in the wash…I’m pretty sure we’d have tried them sooner.

Cloth diaper review - TotsBots Easy Fit nappies - how good are they?

Say Hello To TotsBots EasyFits

So hello, Easy Fits. The new TotsBots Easy Fit Star is a one piece nappy, made of a bamboo cloth fabric with a waterproof outer lining (you lay a disposable liner over the top that you can flush away).

It’s a one size nappy that fits from birth to potty training, adjusted with a series of simple poppers and velcro tabs:

Totsbots cloth nappies

TotsBots Reusables – Colourful Designs

As with all cloth nappies, the designs are vibrant and fun – the TotsBots Easyfits reusable nappies come in a range of fairytale themed patterns (we were sent the yellow Ugly Ducking pattern as well as the purple sugar plum and red poppet designs, they cost from £15.99 – £16.99 each  – as well as the Ugly Duckling change mat which is £14.99).

EasyFit one piece cloth diaper review - are reusables as as good as disposables?

How Easy Are The EasyFits To Use?

So are they really easy to use? Yes! You use them exactly the same as with a disposable nappy, but put it in the wash instead of the bin. The Easy Fits are soft and chemical free, we used them constantly during chicken pox as they were much kinder on the poxy skin.

As it’s a one piece the lining stays in place, which was an issue I had with the Peanut nappies where the liner is only fixed at one side.

Obviously you do have to change them more often than a disposable and you have the additional washing and drying – but when you have two children you’re washing all the time anyway so it’s not a massive amount.

Why Switch To Reusable And Cloth Nappies?

If you want more info on the benefits of cloth nappies, I wrote a piece for TalkMum about five reasons to try cloth nappies, and TotsBots say you can save up to £500 on using disposables, halve your weekly rubbish and reduce your carbon footprint by 40%.

I don’t think we’ll ever be complete cloth converts – we’re not using them at night or when we’re off out for the whole day, for example – but there are so many benefits of using them, and each time you use a cloth nappy it’s one less disposable going to landfill. So less of this too.

More info on the new Easy Fit Star is here, but they really are easy, the clue is in the name.

Clothe nappy one piece review

P.S. Thanks to Captain America Bear for ditching his costume and modelling for these TotsBots Easyfit shots.

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  • Tori

    June 29, 2016 at 8:29 pm

    I thought about using cloth nappies with my first, before she was born. When she arrived though, as you say, stringing a sentence together seemed hard enough and I just assumed it was too much of a faff. Baby two is now five months old so I reckon we might give these a go…

  • Shirley Edwards

    June 30, 2016 at 11:37 am

    I just love the colour and patterns such a change from boring looking plain white ones for baby and you to see.
    As babies grow it will help them with choosing clothes by first choosing which nappy to wear.

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