87 Things I Know About Chicken Pox

May 4, 2016

We Have Chicken Pox! Here Are 87 Things I Know About The Pox, Plus Chicken Pox Symptoms

Pox marks the spot…after a false alarm last week, this week we have been *all* about chicken pox. Here’s everything I now know about chicken pox and chicken pox symptoms.

Things I now know about chicken pox and chicken pox symptoms

Yes, We Have Chicken Pox – Everything I Know

  1. Think you know what animal chicken pox would be, if it was an animal? Think again – it would actually be, aha – a fox. Despite sniffing around for ages, when it actually did pounce it wasn’t the child we were expecting who had the spots (sly)
  2. Chicken pox seems to pick most inconvenient time possible to strike. Let’s face it, there’s never a good time for your child to be ill but right after the builder says ‘Please could you be out tomorrow? We’re going to demolish a lot of your house and create lots of noise and dust’ isn’t ideal…
  3. (Although I think we got off fairly lightly by not having it either while I was having a baby, when we were on holiday, or the day we were due to fly home as has happened to people I know. Although there’s still time! See #1)
  4. And while it doesn’t actually turn anyone into a chicken, it does leave you cooped up in your nest, on house arrest
  5. Finally a use for the random, post-work popsock that’s been hanging around for years. Oaty baths – the oat in popsock combo trick – are good for the itches and provide a short and watery distraction, but your non-poxy child will also want to get in and both of them will vaguely smell of porridge all day
  6. And your white bath will resemble a dusty flapjack
  7. Useful things for chicken pox you’ll not find on the NHS website: ice lollies, CBeebies, Netflix, naps in your bed, wine on tap
  8. As with everything that’s an issue at this age, there’s a Topsy and Tim episode about it. Topsy and Tim is a soap opera for the pre-school generation isn’t it? There’s more devisive plotlines than Hollyoaks. Have I been in the house too long? Probably
  9. There’s something really satisfying about using the chicken emoji in all online correspondence
  10. You’re in it for the long haul…used to two hour children’s bashes? Or even the long bank holiday party affairs of your youth? This is a seven plus day, full-on affair. No party bags either
  11. Pox really does marks the spot, all 87 of them (at which point I’ve lost count several times). My poor chick…
  12. It seems to be one of those rites of passage, doesn’t it? We’ve been lucky that it’s been up, down and fairly mild. But there’s something about seeing all those spots, all 87 plus of them, that gets you right *there*, and that’s the crux of the matter
  13. And it turns out that Florence has been having her own personal pox party after it was Eliza who caught it. I guess that’s the thing with being a sibling, it’s kind of unavoidable (another thing no-one tells you about two children). She’s now a walking, clucking time bomb
  14. Expect part two very soon…

Chicken pox symptoms

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