Maternity Occasion Wear – Where To Find Maternity Dresses For Special Occasions

September 29, 2014

Here’s Where To Find Maternity Dresses For Special Occasions

If You’re Looking for Maternity Occasion Wear, Or A Dress Here’s Where To Find Maternity Dresses For Special Occasions.

Tiffany Rose review  - the best maternity dresses for special occasions like weddings

Looking For Maternity Occasion Wear?

If you’re looking for maternity dresses for special occasions, need maternity occasion wear, need maternity dresses for weeding, an awards ceremony or ultra special occasion and not sure what to wear if you’re pregnant?

Two words; Tiffany Rose.

Here’s The Maternity Dress I Wore To A Wedding While Pregnant

This summer my little brother got married, and I didn’t know what to wear. I would be around 7-8 months pregnant; would a new dress be in order or some sort of tent instead? Add in the active toddler factor, and I knew I also needed something *shudder* comfortable. And of course, even though you’re pregnant, you still want to look nice. But is all this possible…in a maternity dress?

I’d been scouting around – aka consulting the wise and stylish mums of Twitter – for a while, and the name Tiffany Rose had came up a lot when it came to pregnancy occasion wear.

So when I was offered a Tiffany Rose pregnancy dress of my choice to review, I said yes please.

Have You Heard Of Tiffany Rose? Read My Review

Tiffany Rose maternity dresses are UK made and designed. You’ve probably seen a pregnant celeb wearing one recently – Holly Willoughby, Kimberly Walsh, even Chelsea Clinton – and the options range from daywear (think floaty summery dresses) through to lovely formal wear (think pregnant princess going to the ball).

I picked the Eden Short dress in navy but it also comes in three other colours, and a maxi length.

Maternity dresses for weddings - Tiffany Rose review

What Did I Think Of This Maternity Dress For A Wedding?

It’s a short sleeved v-neck dress made of stretchy fabric with a lace overlay. The high waistband is elasticated so there’s lots of give. Despite these pregnant practicalities, it’s not frumpy in the slightest, with a really low cut v -neck, and the signature Tiffany Rose sash.


It’s really, really flattering – unlike lots of maternity dresses that actually make you look hugely pregnant, the cut and slinky fabric don’t at all. The dress is also long, so there’s no chance of it riding up over your bump.

What’s also great about it was that for a ‘formal’ dress it wasn’t in the least bit uncomfortable, which I can’t say about all of my non-maternity dresses. I wore it all day until 12am, and this involved lots of running around, dancing and chasing after someone in the children’s play area. I also managed to keep my heels on all evening too, so it must have magic properties.

The dress costs £169, which is obviously more than a cheapo ASOS number, but around what you’d pay for a beautiful – and timeless – dress, maternity or otherwise.

Thanks Tiffany Rose; it’s possibly the loveliest dress I’ve ever owned. Would it be completely ridiculous to wear it around the house to watch TV?

Once you’ve read my Tiffany Rose review, here are more maternity dresses:


  • To Infinity and IVF

    October 1, 2014 at 6:24 pm

    That dress is gorgeous and it falls so nicely. I used to find it so hard to find nice stuff when I was pregnant with Z. It would definitely not be ridiculous to wear it watching telly (That reminds me of Friends and the wedding dress episode!) 🙂

  • Shirley

    October 2, 2014 at 6:30 pm

    Everyone said you looked amazing and the dress was so beautiful, you could have even got married in a different colour, well worth the money

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