Nicknames For Michael: 31 Of The Best Michael Nicknames

December 19, 2022

If You Need A Nickname For Michael, Read This List Of 31+ Of The Best Michael Nicknames

Want To Pick Michael As A Baby Name? Here Are 31 Of The Best Michael Nicknames

Love the name Michael and want to pick it for your baby? If so, you might be looking for nicknames for Michael or the Michael meaning.

Make sure you read this post for the best Michael nicknames, and lots of suggestions for your perfect Michael nickname.

Nicknames for Michael - best Michael nicknames

Michael is a classic and enduringly popular name for boys with lots of nickname potential.

We also look at what the name Michael means, how popular it is and where Michael appears on the baby name lists, as well as middle names for Michael and the Michael meaning.

What Does The Name Michael Mean? The Michael Name Meaning

What does the name Michael mean?

In terms of the Michael meaning, Michael is a male name with Hebrew origins, and the Michael meaning is ‘who is like God.’

Michael is a biblical name for the archangel Michael.

Read our middle names for Michael.

How Popular Is Michael As A Baby Name?

nicknames for Michael

How popular is the name Michael? Is Michael a rare name?

In American Michael is the 16th most popular baby name for boys in the US

In the UK, according to the baby name list released in 2022, Michael is the 77th most popular name for boys, with 749 registered with the name.

Famous People Named Michael

Looking for famous people names Michael? Try one of these:

Michael B. Jordan, American actor

Michael Jordan, basketball player

Michael Fassbender, actor

Michael J Fox, actor

Mike Myers, actor

31+ Nick names For The Name Michael

Here are 31 nicknames for the name Michael:

Read this list to find your perfect Michael nickname:

funny Michael nicknames - best Michael nick names
  1. Mike
  2. Mick
  3. Mic
  4. Mik
  5. Mikey
  6. Micky
  7. Mickie
  8. Micha
  9. Micah (read our nicknames for Micah)
  10. Mich
  11. Mitch
  12. Mithie
  13. Mikel
  14. Micka
  15. M
  16. Mika
  17. Micka
  18. MM
  19. Em
  20. Mish
  21. Mishy
  22. Mill
  23. Min
  24. Mac
  25. Mack
  26. Mouse
  27. Mousey
  28. Ike

Cute And Funny Nicknames For Michael

If you want a cute or funny nickname for Michael, try one of these:

  1. Mr M
  2. Michael Myers
  3. Michaelangelo
  4. Mike The Knight
  5. M&M
  6. Eminen
  7. Spike
  8. Milk
  9. Milky
  10. Mickey Mouse
  11. Mouse

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