Nicknames For Freddie And Frederick: 41+ Of The Best Freddie Nicknames

June 23, 2022

Searching For Nicknames For Freddie & Frederick? Make Sure You Read This List Of The Best Frederick & Freddie Nicknames

Want To Pick Frederick Or Freddie As A Baby Name? Here Are 41+ Of The Best Freddie Nicknames

If you love the name Freddie and are thinking of picking it as a name for your baby, or thinking of picking Frederick, you might be looking for nicknames for Freddie and Frederick. as well as the Freddie meaning and middle names for Freddie.

Read this post for the best Freddie nicknames and nicknames for Frederick.

Nicknames for Freddie and nicknames for Frederick

The name Frederick is a classic baby boy’s name that also has a lot of nickname potential!

Some families opt for Frederick as a full name, potentially with Freddie as a nickname, others go for Freddie – traditionally considered a nickname or Frederick – as a stand-alone name.

Whatever combination you pick, as well as the best Freddie & Frederick nicknames, we also look at the Frederick name meaning, how popular it is and where it appears on the baby name lists.

What Is The Freddie Name Meaning? What Does The Name Frederick Mean?

Looking for the Frederick name meaning?

The Frederick meaning is peaceful ruler.

The Frederick meaning is derived from Germanic words for peace and ruler.

Frederick is also historically a royal baby name.

How Popular Is Freddie As A Baby Name? How Popular Is Frederick?

In the US, Frederick is the 476th most popular name for boys in America.

Freddie is the 12th most popular boys name in the UK.

Need Middle Names For Freddie or Frederick?

funny nickname for Freddie

Need a middle name for Freddie or Frederick?

Read our long list of 150 one syllable boy names or unusual boy names.

Or if you want something slightly different, pick a gender-neutral name.

Famous People Named Freddie And Frederick

Looking for famous people named Freddie or Frederick?

Frederick John Philip Gibson aka Fred Again, music producer

Freddie Prince Jnr, actor

Freddie Highmore, actor

Fred Astaire, actor and dancer

Love Royal Baby Names?

If you love regally-inspired baby names:

Read our list of royal baby names, or nicknames for Harry, nicknames for Henry or nicknames for William or nicknames for Edward or nicknames for Charlie and Charles.

41+ Nick names For The Name Freddie and Frederick

If you’re looking for nicknames for Freddie or Frederick, read this list:

nicknames for Freddie and Frederick
  1. Freddie
  2. Fred
  3. Freddy
  4. Freddi
  5. Fredz
  6. Freds
  7. Frederich
  8. Frederic
  9. Rederic
  10. Frederick
  11. Recerick
  12. Rick
  13. Ric
  14. Rik
  15. Ricky
  16. Riccy
  17. Rich
  18. Frederico
  19. Fed
  20. Ed
  21. Eddie
  22. Eddy
  23. Free
  24. Ree
  25. F
  26. Eff
  27. Red
  28. Reddy
  29. Reddie
  30. Fredders
  31. Redders
  32. Manfred
  33. Wilfred

Funny Nicknames For Freddie

If you’re looking for funny nicknames for Freddie and Frederick, try one of these:

  1. Mr F
  2. Freddo
  3. Ready Brek
  4. Fredster
  5. Richy Rich
  6. Freddikins
  7. Frodo
  8. Fredericko

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