Nicknames For Ophelia: 75 Best Ophelia Nicknames

December 4, 2023

On The Lookout For Nicknames For Ophelia? Read This Post For The Best Ophelia Nicknames

Read This Post For 75+ Of The Best Ophelia Nicknames

If you love the name Ophelia, you might be looking for the best nicknames for Ophelia. Read this post for 75 of the best Ophelia nicknames, the Ophelia meaning and middle names for Ophelia.

Ophelia is a classic name with a literary pedigree, but if you want an Ophelia nickname to use every day, here’s our name list including cute and funny nicknames for Ophelia.

Wondering what does the name Ophelia mean? We also look at the Ophelia name meaning, what names go with Ophelia and how popular the name Ophelia is in the US.

What Does The Name Ophelia Mean? The Ophelia Name Meaning

First, some background on the Ophelia meaning.

Ophelia is said to be a girl’s given name of Greek origin, and the Ophelia meaning is ‘help’. The name Ophelia was invented by William Shakespeare for the play Hamlet, as the name of the tragic heroine who ultimately drowns.

How Popular Is Ophelia As A Name?

middle names for Ophelia

How popular is Ophelia as a name? Is Ophelia a rare name?

Yes, Ophelia is a rare name that is becoming more popular. In the US Ophelia is currently the 272nd most popular name for girls in America.

Famous People Named Ophelia

If you’re looking for famous people named Ophelia, try one of these:

Ophelia, Hamlet character

Ophelia Benson, author and feminist

Need Middle Names For Ophelia?

What names go with Ophelia?

If you are looking for middle names for Ophelia, a short name would work well so read our list of 150 one syllable girl names.

Alternatively, you could also try a flower name, rare girl’s name or old lady name.

75 Nick names For The Name Ophelia

funny nickname for Ophelia

Here are 75+ nicknames for the name Ophelia to help you find your perfect Ophelia nickname:

  1. Oph
  2. Ophi
  3. Ophie
  4. Ophy
  5. Ophey
  6. Ofelia
  7. Phelia
  8. Felia
  9. Phe
  10. Phee
  11. PhePhe
  12. PheePhee
  13. Pheef
  14. Pheefs
  15. Fi
  16. Fifi
  17. Fe
  18. FeFe
  19. Fee
  20. FeeFee
  21. Feef
  22. Feefs
  23. Ofi
  24. Ofey
  25. Ofie
  26. Ofy
  27. O
  28. Op
  29. Opi
  30. Opie
  31. Ope
  32. Opey
  33. Fell
  34. Feely
  35. Phia
  36. Fia
  37. Pia
  38. Le
  39. LeLe
  40. Lee
  41. LeeLee
  42. Leli
  43. Li
  44. LiLi
  45. Lelli
  46. Lelo
  47. Lello
  48. Feels
  49. Fay
  50. Faye
  51. Opal
  52. Opalia
  53. Lia
  54. Leaf
  55. Leef
  56. Effie
  57. Olee
  58. Ole
  59. Ollie
  60. Olly
  61. Olie
  62. Oly
  63. Olia
  64. Ellie
  65. Elia
  66. Ella
  67. Elle
  68. Helia
  69. Hel
  70. Hels
  71. Elia

Funny Nicknames For Ophelia

Here are cute nicknames for Ophelia and funny nicknames for Ophelia:

  1. Miss O
  2. Feels
  3. Feel ya
  4. Eels
  5. Eel

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