How to make easy Christmas decorations with children

November 16, 2016

Last year we made some really easy Christmas decorations with children – so easy in fact that we all loved them and are making some again this year to give out as presents. They used one main ingrediant and were quick with only a minimal amount of mess (really!)

How to make easy Christmas decorations with children using one simple ingredient

Here’s what we used to make easy Christmas decorations with children:

  • Air drying clay (this is available in a lot of places, we found ours on Amazon)
  • Christmas-shaped cutters – above (another Amazon find – ours were very cheap)
  • Paint and glitter we already had in the house
  • Embroidery thread, although the striped twine we used in this post would work brilliantly too

How we made our easy Christmas deocrations:

  • Rolled out the air drying clay (it’s quite stiff so you might need to roll it about to warm it up first)
  • Used the cutters to create the shapes
  • Pierced a hole in the top before they dried
  • We them left them to dry for a day or so (you can speed up the process for impatient people by putting them in the oven on a very low heat)

See, really simple! This is what they looked like:

How to make really easy Christmas decorations with children from air-drying clay

Once they were dry we got down to the fun part – painting the decorations. We used the normal paint we had in the cupboard, in really vibrant colours. And also added glitter:

How to make quick and simple Christmas decorations with children

When the paint was dry I gave each one a quick coat with Mod Podge varnish / glue to seal them. We them hung them on loops of embroidery thread, ready to go on the tree.

We are always pretty freestyle with our crafts but it doesn’t really matter if they’re not perfect I think; isn’t the the fun part? And obviously the great thing about these is that you can paint them in any colours or designs you like. Clearly, you’ll be finding glitter EVERYWHERE for months so be warned.

Easy Christmas decorations to make with children - super simple, one ingrediant - make sure you read this post!

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  • Sarah Rooftops

    November 26, 2016 at 9:07 pm

    We’re planning to do this with salt dough tomorrow! Yours look lovely. 🙂

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