Washi Tape Cloud Shelves: Easy Kid’s Room DIY

September 2, 2018

How to Make Washi Tape Cloud Shelves

I wanted to share some of the interiors and mini children’s room DIY projects I’ve been working on recently (I say projects, as it sounds a lot grander than basically messing around with *stuff*). So to start off, with here are our washi tape rain cloud shelves.

Cloud shelves- how to make DIY washi tape rain cloud shelves - easy kid's room DIY

I ‘created’ these washi tape rain cloud shelves while waiting for everyone to get ready to leave the house one long, long summer holiday morning. I posted a picture of the cloud shelves over on my Instagram and had a whole load of comments, so I thought I’d add them here.

How to make rain cloud shelves with washi tape -a simple kid;s room DIY! #interiors #diy #kidsrooms #crafts

Washi Tape Rain Cloud Shelves: What You Need

  • Cloud shelves. Ours were a set from Flying Tiger that stick to the wall. You can’t buy these ones online, annoyingly, but I’ve seen similar ones for sale on La Redoute and Not on the High Street
  • Washi tape – ours is from HEMA but you can get it from any number of places, our favourites include Flying Tiger, IKEA and also book shops.

Cloud shelves - washi tape wall stickers

How We Made Our Washi Tape Cloud Shelves

The shelves had been up for a while, and while they’re great for displaying all the millions of small things that are always just hanging around underfoot, I thought they looked like they needed something – and I liked the idea of colourful rain.

I used five similar tapes that went well together, and hung strips of them up freehand, under the cloud (they’re not exactly straight, but the great thing about the tape it that you can re-position it easily).

The other great thing about washi tape is that it sticks to walls and doesn’t mark.

How to make easy cloud shelves with washi tape rain for children's rooms - easy #DIY #kidsrooms #interiors

Yep, it really was as easy as it looks.

And the great thing is, as it’s washi tape, you can take it off really easily!

Have a look at more of our kid’s room projects…here’s how to make washi tape wall stickers and a felt ball garland…and make our easy banana bread… then follow me over on Instagram here

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