How to toddler-proof Christmas

October 29, 2013

Are you a parent and looking for some tips on how to toddler-proof Christmas and make the house and decorations safe from wandering hands?

How to toddler-proof Christmas - get this Christmas tree wall sitcker from tinyme

I know, I know – I’m sorry. I went there; I mentioned the C-word and it’s still October. This even breaks all my rules of not mentioning anything festive until my mid-December birthday. But bear with me.

Last week I went for a dinner with a group of bloggers and Ben from Australian company tinyme,¬†makers of cute, personalised things for little people. One of the products they make is a Christmas tree wall sticker. And it struck me that this would be perfect for a toddler-proof Christmas decoration (they can’t pull it over, take the decorations off or ride things into it).

So it’s very early yet, but seeing as we now have a very mobile, active and curious toddler who is bound to take a huge interest in anything new – especially if it’s red or sparkly – I’ve started thinking of some other ways to baby-proof our decorations this year. So apart from the Christmas tree wall sticker, so far I’ve come up with…

Here’s my tips on how to toddler-proof Christmas:

  • Put everything up high (on tables, shelves or fireplaces). This way it’s out of the way and out of the reach of tiny, curious hands
  • Have a small(er) tree you can perch somewhere that’s not the floor – on a shelf, ledge or table. The years of having a giant tree will come, honestly!
  • Drape fairy lights around the walls instead of on the tree. Pretty!
  • Don’t leave cables and fairy light wires dangling down or attached to low plugs
  • Find some really sturdy Christmas decorations that can be played with (does anyone make ride-on reindeer, maybe?)

Does anyone else have any good tips on how to toddler-proof Christmas?

How to child-proof Christmas - tips and hints on making decorations safe and out of the way of toddlers and small children

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