How To Make A Felt Ball Garland

March 22, 2015

Here’s How To Make A Felt Ball Garland

Do you want to make a felt ball garland? Here’s how we made our DIY felt ball garland.

I’ve been looking at buying a felt ball garland for Eliza’s room for a while now, until it recently occurred to me that I could actually make one.

For some reason thought they’d be a lot trickier to make than they are; turns out is it simple to make a felt ball garland.

Here’s our felt ball garland:

Making an easy felt ball garland - how to make a felt ball garland

IKEA hack spice rack bookshelves, and ihow to make an easy felt ball garland

How To Make A Felt Ball Garland: What You Need:

  • Felt balls (you can actually make these and there are loads of tutorials on Pinterest, but I took the easy option and bought mine from Amazon – I went for 2cm, rainbow colours)
  • Depending on the length of the garland, you’ll need at least ten of these and more if you want a denser garland or a longer one.

Felt balls - how to make a ball string

Instructions for making a colourful string felt ball garland (simpler than you'd think!)

  • Thread (I bought metallic gold sewing thread from HEMA)
  • Darning needle

How To Make A Felt Ball Garland:How to make a really easy felt ball garland

  1. Cut a long piece of thread (slightly longer than you want the garland to be)
  2. Thread the needle with the cotton and then push it through the felt ball.  It should go through fairly easily
  3. Once the ball was threaded on and in the right place I put a tiny looped stitch to secure it (if you use thicker or less slippy thread then you might not need to do this)
  4. Thread the rest of the balls onto the string, keeping them as spaced out or close together as you want
  5. And there you go – it’s that easy.

Simple crafts - making a felt garland

I’ve hung the garland on Eliza’s bed in these photos (she has the IKEA Minnen bed with a white metal frame) and on her IKEA hack bookcases (made out of the IKEA Bekvam spice racks). You can buy the balls in different colours, including a pastel set which would look great for Easter.

This sudden realisation / making idea was inspired by the book Handmade for Baby by Charlotte Rivers and Emily Gregory that I was recently sent to review.

Simple craft keepsake ideas for pregnancy and babies - Handmade for Baby

It’s a book that contains ideas and how to guides for 25 crafty keepsakes to make for babies and new parents, or to make when you’re pregnant and a new parent. There’s everything from creative birth announcements, nursery mobiles, cushions, toys and simple clothes like baby harem pants, designed for makers of all skills and levels of craftiness.

I really liked this book, especially as there are none of the slightly twee things you might expect. Everything is colourful, tasteful and fairly gender neutral. I also really liked the ‘inspiration’ pages, which have lots of ideas for making things of your own. The felt garland isn’t in the book, but it gave me the idea, and there’s also a felt mobile you can make. The book is filled with exactly like the type of things I pin on Pinterest, and it’s actually given me the impetus to start making things (instead of just pinning them – sound familiar?)

Where Can You Buy Felt Balls From?

I bought mine from Amazon, in a pack – although you can also buy them from eBay and craft stores.

You can also make your own felt ball garlands if you’re feeling adventurous!

How to guide to making an easy garland from felt balls

Making a felt ball garland

More crafty things; how to make a children’s play tent and salt dough bunny decorations. Follow me on Pinterest for me ideas on things to make with felt – I’m gill_crawshaw.


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