Brilliant apps for bloggers (and freelancers)

November 17, 2016

What are some of the best and most brilliant apps for bloggers and freelancers? Which apps will be useful, save you time and help drive traffic to your blog?

The best apps for bloggers and freelancers - a great list of apps to help you save time and drive traffic. Make sure you read the full list at www.ababyonboard.comI’ve written before about the best apps for blogging and the best time-saving apps for blogging, but have since then discovered a whole load more that are so good I wanted to share.

So here’s ten more brilliant apps for bloggers and freelancers, covering everything from content creation, photo editing, Instagram apps and even apps to help with the boring, admin side of blogging:

  1. Canva on the desktop is brilliant for creating designs, especially as there’s lots of templates for social media formats (Facebook banners, Pinterest pins and so on). The great news is there’s now a mobile version of Canva for iPhone. It doesn’t have full functionality but is really, really useful
  2. And the same for the almighty editing tool PicMonkey, which also now has an mobile app – very handy
  3. For editing YouTube clips and films iMovie mobile is great. I know lots of people use iMovie on the Mac, but the mobile version has suddenly got a lot better and is much easier to use, especially when you’re on the go or trapped under a sleeping child. Make sure you follow my A Baby on Board YouTube channel
  4. There are so many different photo editing apps, and lots of bloggers use a variety. My current favourite is PicTapGo. It’s not free and it does take some playing around with to find the effects you like, but it can save your preferred effects as a filter which you can use quickly instead of repeating everything
  5. The A Beautiful Mess A Color Story app is definitely one to try if you have a colourful Instagram feed (follow me on Instagram)
  6. If you like to plan your Instagram grid then try Mosacio – you can view your existing photos, upload new ones before you post them and there’s even a special ‘ghost mode’ where you can delete photos and move thme around. Again, it’s not a free one but worth it if you’re even slightly OCD about your overall account
  7. And speaking of, the basic but useful iPhone notes are so handy for most things, but particularly for creating lists of Instagram hashtags to have ready for posting – just select the right ones for your photo and copy them in (you can even use Mosacio for this ahead of time)
  8. If you have to submit invoices and keep records for tax then try Freshbooks, an online invoice creation system
  9. If you have to sign a lot of documents but don’t have access to a printer, Sign Easy is brilliant – it means you can electronically sign documents online
  10. And if you don’t have access to a scanner either, then Scanner Pro will turn your iPad into one – it scans in documents and can then combine them all together. How clever?

What are your best apps for blogging?

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Which are your favourite apps for bloggers?

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