I did it again

May 30, 2017

Reader, I did it again…

Barbie playing the world's smallest violin

Not that, or even that, but another thing.

It’s something I’ve done twice before now (and you’d think by know I’d have learned my lesson).

Great parenting questions of our time:

  • Why does it take SO LONG to leave the house with small children?
  • How is it possible that the Moana soundtrack is catchier than chicken pox at a soft play party? No, you’re welcome…
  • Why are post-baby hangovers so soul-sappingly, spirit-drainingly awful?  I’m still recovering from Saturday night *anguished face*
  • How is it possible that we lost the favourite toy…AGAIN?

Answers on a postcard please, or better still, one of those paper slips and a tiny wooden pencil because the favourite toy is currently residing somewhere in the depths of IKEA and we are very much not.

I know, I know! But after the story of Mickey Mouse and the mum guilt and the saga of Rainbowdash and the comedy of errors, we have kept the toys close and the favourite toys even closer. But then somehow…

The favourite toy, or should I say the current favourite toy is a Barbie – something I never thought I’d say but after we dipped our toes into the valley of the dolls here they became firm favourites in our house. Both girls love playing elaborate role play games with them in any scenario. So along favourite Barbie came with us on a traditional Bank Holiday trip out. And at some point in the store, no idea when, we lost sight of her.

(Admittedly, it’s hard to keep your eyes on the ball at all times when you have two children running in opposite directions in a furniture maze filled with lots of people and oooh, look at the lampshade! But still).

I tweeted the store as soon as we realised at home, and amazingly they replied within seconds, saying that they’d not found it yet, but to try again tomorrow. It seems like a very long shot, so we’ve been trying to hunt one down online (trying to learn from previous lessons, the current favourite Barbie was a pretty generic version bought from a well-known chain store I thought we’d have no problem replacing if the need ever arose. But a search online this evening tells me that no, it’s now not for sale anywhere apart from on eBay for a vastly inflated sun. Whyyy).

So keep your tiny plastic fingers crossed we either find that one or another one..and oh my, the guilt.

Did everyone have a good weekend? We took a trip to everyone’s favourite Swedish furniture manufacturer, in case you hadn’t guessed.

P.S How amazing are these vintage Barbies?

Vintage Barbie fashions

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