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A colourful kids room, and a mini room tour

January 17, 2019

Today, we’re showing you a colourful kids room…

I love a colourful kids room, as children’s rooms can be as colourful and fun as you like, can’t they?

And let’s face it, you can stick all the toys in there away from the rest of the house and not worry about them.

IKEA hack bookshelves and IKEA children's bed - colourful kids room

How we changed the room to add colour:

Anyway! F’s room was inherited from her sister a few years ago (you can see it as it was a few years ago here) after E moved into our room, after we moved up into our then-newly converted loft.

We didn’t change the room a whole lot at once at first – as she still slept in with us for most of the night – so we’re gradually making changes now.

Pink doors in children's bedrooms - colourful eclectic rooms and colourful kids room

It’s a long, thin room with the only original fireplace in the house left in (a much nicer one than the hideous red fireplace we inherited in one of the other rooms). I think like a lot of parents we went for the failsafe of neutral walls and floor and bright everything else.

Colourful children's bedrooms with painted book shelves and wall stickers

We were recently sent some products from Vertbaudet, a company I love which has a great range of children’s homeware which is it’s really fun, colourful and reasonably priced.

So here are some of the products, some of the changes we’ve made and five easy ways to change children’s rooms without a whole load of effort or expense (this post also contains affiliate links to a couple of the products).

Storage: Although storage is the enemy of Marie Kondo (who thinks it’s just another place to add clutter) children generally have a lot of clutter, don’t they? So it makes sense to have a lot of storage! F’s room used to have a giant walk-in wardrobe and a big cupboard which we sacrificed for the loft stairs, so now this room narrow and doesn’t have a lot of built-in storage, apart from alcove shelves on one side. There are some really good Vertbaudet storage ideas, I love these baskets as you can just shove everything in them and it’s out of sight. out of mind (right?)

IKEA Hack bookshelves painted, in a colourful children's bedroom
Children's storage baskets from Vertbaudet and stickers

This Vertbaudet toy mat / bag is also a genius idea – you can lay it out to use a a play mat and then scoop up the mat and everything else to turn it into a bag. This is great for all those little things. And Lego.

Colourful pink door and Vertbaudet toy bag
Colourful children's berber rug and Vertbaudet play mat - colourful kids room

Paint: While painting the entire room is a bigger project and a massive faff, it’s much quicker and easier to paint furniture or smaller areas instead. We inherited the box shelves on the wall from our previous owner, but decided to paint them a bright colour.

Colourful children's bedrooms with painted shelves and wall stickers

You also can see more of the children’s bedroom colourful doors which we painted pink and purple, and our magnetic chalkboard wall which you really don’t need much space for, as well as our IKEA hack bookshelves.

Wall stickers: I you don’t want to wallpaper or paint a room then wall stickers are a good option as a) they’re removable b) low effort. We liked these Vertbaudet circle stickers, as they came in a mix of sizes and colours.

Painted colourful shelves in children's bedrooms and wall stickers from Vertbaudet

Washi tape: We also use a lot of washi tape in the children’s rooms, because it isn’t great for wrapping presents but it is good for sticking on the wall temporarily and not removing all the paint.

Don't eat youre neighbours poster and DIY wall stickers in a colourful children's bedroom

Here are our DIY wall stickers and our washi tape rainbow shelves.

Washi tape rainbow wall shelves and wall stickers

Rugs: All of the carpet in our house is practical hard-wearing greige, which is great for spills – and slime – but not so pretty. We bought the rug for our colourful kids room ourselves from Vertbaudet’s children’s rugs a while ago now – it’s the Harlequin rug – and I love it, it’s colourful and a good play space.

Plus, it’s brilliant to lie on, and what more could you want?

Thanks so much to Vertbaudet for sending us the products for this colourful kids room  – this post contains affiliate links, which means if you click and then buy something I receive a really small percentage…and make sure you follow me on Instagram


  • Katie Albury

    January 18, 2019 at 5:24 pm

    Oh, Gill, their rooms are amazing! The toy mat is a brilliant idea. What bright and happy spaces to wake up in every morning. I love your tips too, we definitely need to add some wall stickers for some colour.
    Katie x | Beyond Tired

  • Shirley

    January 26, 2019 at 11:17 pm

    You are artistic and made a colourful heavenfor a little girls room

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