Friday Five: Things to do in January

January 11, 2019

Hello! Here are five things to do in January…

And my second regular Friday post, woo! (Let’s see how long this lasts for).

Things to do in January

This week we have been mainly getting back into things, things being work / nursery / school / after school clubs and so on, how about you? It’s that January no man’s land time, isn’t it – post Christmas miserable, but the novelty of being fresh and new hasn’t quite petered into Really Awful Cold and Bleak January (something to look forward to).

So here are five things to do this month:

Go and see Room on the Broom: Before Christmas, F and I were invited to a performance of Room on the Broom at the Lyric Theatre in London. We’ve seen one Julia Donaldson stage adaptation before and really liked it, but Room on the Broom is our favourite book, and even the the TV adaptation is perfect, so I was mildly apprehensive the stage show wouldn’t be.

Room on the Broom

However, we both really loved it – the play does differ from the book – they have to make it stretch out for an hour – and there are songs (songs we’ve been singing ever since, giving some of these a run for their money). But it’s really lovely, a really clever mix of actors and puppets and the set. And afterwards we were allowed to meet the cast, who were so nice – F wasn’t keen to go into the room they were in, so they came out to meet her instead,

The play finishes in London this weekend, and is then touring around the UK (info here).

Go on the Women’s March:  The Women’s March takes place this year on 21st January in London (more info here). There’s a bread and roses theme this year, against austerity. Having taken my youngest to the anti-Trump march, I’m really keen to take her sister along to this. Let me know if you plan on going.

Signs at the Women's March London

Organise something: Like most people, I’ve been watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Have you seen it? I wrote a post about Marie Kondo a few years ago as I was sceptical about how tidy you can actually be when you have small children. However, the programme has suckered me in and made me want to throw everything away…this weekend, right? P.S. I think having intentions to organise something definitely counts.

Go to a museum: It’s too cold for the park, everyone’s post-Christmas miserable – so we should all go and run around a museum instead. We’ve not been to see either the pirates exhibition at the Museum of Childhood or the sun exhibition at the Science Museum, so both of those are on our list.

And here’s our review of the London Transport Museum...

London Transport Museum - giant tube map

Watch Mary Poppins Returns: I took the girls to see this as a back-to-school treat. The original is one of my all-time favourites, but O M G I loved the new one so much. I thought it was incredible – beautiful, emotional, joyful. I could have watched it all day long. We’re also finally watching Catastophe, which as usual we’re late to the party about – as the 4th and final series has just started on C4. At least we have loads to catch up on?

Make a primary school application: Just a tiny reminder for those who, like us, might otherwise have forgotten it was due this month *side eye*. Expect millions of ‘how is she old enough? My BABY!’ posts to come in the next few months. PS – all about the highs and woes of the second-time school application

Have a great weekend…it’s finally here…

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