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  • Our new colourful doors

    Would you let your children pick paint colours? What could *possibly* go wrong?!

    Colourful doors for children's rooms

    Spoiler: We did, and it all turned out fine in the end. Phew.

    Purple doors in children's rooms

    As a result of our loft conversation last year, we ended up with a new set of very new bedroom fire doors that were very… beige (due to building regs, not by choice!). As Eliza’s room had previously had a green door you can see here, we thought it would be more – colourful – to paint them.

    As for the colours, we let them choose – although we did have a vague idea of what they would pick (based on their current favourite Power Rangers, what else? Seems like a sensible a reason for making interior design choices as any).

    I thought it was a great idea to do some painted mountain peaks, a la Pinterest, the girls wanted to freehand draw on some patterns, so we settled on the happy medium of plain block colours in the end.

    Pink doors in children's rooms

    So as one door closes…they are both very bright and bold and brighten up a very boring corridor.

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