How To Make DIY Wall Stickers – Perfect For Kid’s Rooms

January 31, 2018

How to Make DIY Wall Stickers For Kid’s Rooms

We’ve been making our own DIY wall stickers for children’s rooms, something that occurred to me at, well, 3am at one point this week. So here’s how (and why):

How to make DIY wall stickers for children's rooms - a really easy method using colourful washi tape! Perfect for children's rooms and very cheap, too

What happens when your non-sleeping three-year-old sleeps *whispers* through the night? You wake up a million times as usual, obviously. But it was during one of these frustrating moments of ‘why is she asleep but I’m awake?’ that I decided to make some wall stickers for F’s room.

I’d been wanting to add something else to her fireplace wall for a while. I love this poster but it always looked slightly bare, and I’d had a look at small wall stickers online but I could never find the colours I wanted and they were all really expensive for what they are.

So the inspiration for this came at around 3am, when it occurred to me we could just make them ourselves.

What You Need To Make DIY Wall Stickers

(you can also see the full demo over on my Instagram Stories):

How to make DIY wall stickers for children's rooms using washi tape

  • Wide washi tape: I wanted them to be small but big enough to notice, so needed a wider-sized washi to achieve this (you might have to have a good look around to find it though – our bright pink and sparkly metallics were all from HEMA online).
  • A palm punch: Basically, a giant hole punch that you press on to punch out shapes (ours makes 50p-sized circles with a serrated edge, but others are available).

Then F and I make a *lot* loads of circles and stuck them haphazardly on the wall, and her white chest of drawers (at her insistence).

How to make DIY wall stickers for children's rooms - a really easy DIY using washi tape!

Because of the type of tape we used, you can unpeel them easily and they won’t damage the walls. Plus, it’s cheap and VERY easy to do.

How to make DIY wall stickers from washi tape - perfect for children's bedrooms and easy to make!

P.S. obviously she’s woken up a zillion times a night since then, but at least the walls look pretty, right?

How to make DIY wall stickers for children's rooms - an easy, quick and cheap DIY to brighten up children's bedrooms and playrooms

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