In the (baby change) bag: the Pacapod Sydney

January 9, 2015


Are you looking for a baby change bag that isn’t anything like a traditional change bag; one that looks like a bag you’d actually want to use in non-baby life? I think I’ve found it in the seriously stylish  Pacapod Sydney bag.

We were already big fans of Pacapod as we bought the Napier bag pre-Eliza on the recommendation of a friend, and still use it now. I was sent the newer Pacapod Sydney bag to review after Florence was born. Not meaning to spoil anything upfront, but it’s brilliant.

So what’s great about the Pacapod Sydney?


The style: The bag does not look like a typical change bag. It looks great; it’s made of grey leather, and it’s the kind of leather that’s going to look even better when it’s slightly battered. You could easily use it as a normal bag when minus children, without looking odd. The design is unisex and very streamlined – definitely no ruffles, ribbons, cupcakes or ‘yummy mummy’ wording – so dads won’t look ridiculous when carrying it.

Pacapod Sydney leather change bag

The pods: Need a bag that’s going to help you be more organised? (I really do). The difference with Pacapod is the organisational system of detachable bags, or pods, that nest inside.

Pacapod sydney change bag with pods

These make it really easy to keep everything separate, sorted and help you remember all the things you might need. It also means there’s not a massive collective pool of stuff in the bag in which you can never find anything when you need it.

There are two pods, one for baby changing and one for food.

Pacapod changing bag

We use the change pod for wipes, nappies, nappy bags, handwash and the odd random Toy Story figure – all the usuals. The super-useful thing about this pod is that you can take it out wherever you need to change the baby so don’t have to take the entire bag into the change room (it also comes with a change mat that sits in a pocket at the back of the bag).

The feeder pod is designed to carry snacks, food and bottles. It’s actually a separate rucksack for toddlers (how cute?). Inside it’s insulated, lined with a wipeable fabric – perfect for those squished bananas and leaky water bottles – and has an inner zipped pocket for loose items like cutlery. As we don’t use bottles I only tend to use this one for snacks when we’re out and about with the toddler.

Pacapod feeder pod

There are also additional pockets and spaces for all practical non-baby things like your mobile phone, wallet and the fifty lip glosses, lolly sticks, tissues and train ticket receipts I always seem to end up carrying around.

The practical bits: There are two straps – one at the top of the bag, and the longer cross body strap that’s adjustable. There are also pram clips (but we tend to hook it on the pram handle using the shorter strap). The pods also have separate straps so you can hang these from the handle if you just want to take those out and not the whole bag.

How big is the bag? There are two main sections of the bag, and the pods live in one of these (if you want some additional space you can take them out, or you can use one at a time). The bag also has an expandable section via the zip that runs round the bottom of the bag. Opening this up gives you extra room for those days when you need lots and lots of extra stuff (like the ten changes of clothes, books, toys, all the usual random stuff that ends up in change bags – so basically it’s great for life with two children). The bag is also wide enough to fit a laptop, which means it would be a good work bag.

Pacapod sydney top view

The verdict..? The Pacapod Sydney is a seriously grown up bag; it’s super stylish and something I would buy when looking for a normal bag. The attention to detail is meticulous, and it’s packed with little touches like the patterned change mat that sits in its own pocket on the top of the bag and the feeder pod that’s a separate rucksack.

At £245 it is more than your average fabric change bag, but you’re buying a lovely, real leather bag, plus the benefits of a baby change bag and the pod system. If you want a change bag that doesn’t compromise on style, and that’s also practical without being boring, this is definitely the one.


  • Jodie

    January 9, 2015 at 8:51 am

    I hate the price!! I need a new bag that looks like a handbag. I’m fed up of my yummy mummy that I’ve had for years and years.

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