What’s in my bag? The baby edit

February 22, 2015

what's in your bag?

What’s in your bag, and how has it changed since having children? To celebrate the launch of the new M&S Baby section on the Marks & Spencer website, I was asked to divulge all my handbag secrets. So here we go…

Where do I even start? I used to have a lovely slouchy leather vintagey bag that was generally full of magazines for my commute, books, clothes I’d bought at lunchtime, random things I’d bought because I had a ten minute wait at the station, wine for dinner, you get the picture.

Post-children, as well as using a change bag (our latest is the Pacadpod Sydney, and you can also enter my competition to win a Skip Hop bag thanks to M&S) I made the switch to the cross-body mum bag. It is *whispers* very practical, but easy for soft play, going to the park, rolling on floor at playgroup and so on.

I love reading these types of posts on other people’s blogs, but they are usually so glamorous aren’t they? Mine really isn’t, but it pretty much just represents my life at the moment.

What's in your handbag

Here’s what’s in my bag (which was a present from my mum)

  • Make-up bag (from the Tigerlilly Quinn shop) with a dramatically light make-up selection. Mascara – Benefit, has anyone tried the new one? – and Clinique red lipstick which hopefully stops me looking quite so much like the undead
  • Hairband and usually about 20 children’s hairclips from when Eliza gets bored of wearing them
  • Wallet, from Boden
  • Phone, and as it has the usual battery life I also have a portable charger – this was sent to me by Netflix
  • Babybel and snacks for both me and Eliza (I was never really hungry when I was pregnant but when I’m breastfeeding I could potentially gnaw on my arm at any given moment)
  • Keys with a ridiculous cupcake cover that makes them slightly easier to find in the bottom of my bag, Oystercard, pen (a pen! I know! Actually, I’m amazed I’m even this organised)
  • Princess Kate Happyland figure – I’m not quite sure what she’s doing in there, but is representative of the usual motherhood randomness
  • My pregnancy bola necklace which is a good distraction for Florence
  • Sunglasses – again, the big change with these is that they get broken so often I’ve stopped spending any money on them, so these were Accessorize
  • To the side of my bag: babywipes (of COURSE) and an edited ‘highlights’ selection of the 800 receipts, prescription forms, cards and so on I just seem to acquire. Usually accompanied by Babybel rind, tissues, the odd breast pad. Just me?

As well as talking about what’s in my bag, I was also asked to pick out my favourite things from the M&S Baby site:

M&S Baby nursery

I was really impressed by the nursery furniture, so I’ve gone for an interiors theme with a cloud and blue vibe going on. How amazing is the Ercol chair? Which is your favourite?

This post is in association with M&S Baby.


  • Stacy

    February 24, 2015 at 11:08 am

    Super practical advice, I’m so glad I found this blog! Please tell me the secret of how to find time to blog (or run a business) and have time to look after your family!

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