Park life lately

May 23, 2016

The park with toddlers

Park with toddlers

Big cause for celebration this weekend as we *left the house.* We’d been under home arrest for a while due to this and this (which hasn’t been great timing as the house is currently full of noise and dust and stuff due to our ongoing building work).

But anyway; freedom!

Blossom and leopard print shoes

So we went on a super-exciting adventure all the way to…nah, just kidding, we went to our local park and then out for pizza, but it was enough to make us all giddy with the freedom and fresh air. Especially as there was also an unexpected dog show at the park which kept us entertained for a good ten minutes.

Park life lately

Park life lately

It was also the weekend after our roof came off, which you’ll have seen if you follow me on Snapchat (I’m gill_crawshaw – word of warning, it’s full of loft updates and nap-themed #mumlife photos).

Predictably, we also had torrential rain this afternoon which meant water through the ceiling in worrying amounts and an emergency callout from the builder to keep us on our toes.

Grey skies, clouds and green bushes

Good weekend?

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