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How To Make Googly Eyes For Plants

October 18, 2022

Here’s How To Make Googly Eyes For Plants

How to make googly eyes for your plants…but why would you want to make googly eyes for your plants, I hear you ask?

How to make googly eyes for plants

Well, why not? It something really simple to do that looks fun. And plant eyes are a good Halloween decoration, if you decorate your house for Halloween a lot (or even if you just want some simple touches that won’t get glitter and glue everywhere).

Or it’s a decoration for any other time of the year too.

If you have a lot of plants – which I know loads of us do, as a post-lockdown hobby – then they will be a huge part of your house, so it makes sense to decorate them too.

Making googly eyes for plants

It’s also really fun for children, as it’s simple to do and really easy for them to help out and get involved in.

How to make googly plant eyes

What You’ll Need To Make Googly Plant Eyes

Here’s what you’ll need to make googly eyes for your plants. (Contains affiliate links).

  • Polystyrene balls, in different sizes (this is a good mixed pack, or this).
  • Wooden sticks (I used these – but any sticks, lolly sticks, even old pencils will do).
  • Black felt pen (something like this).

How To Make Your Googly Plant Eyes

It’s really simple! Here’s what you need to do to make googly eyes for your plants.

Guide to making googly eyes for your plants
  • Firstly, fix the stick to the ball (this should be easy! Make sure it’s secured so won’t fall off).
  • Add a black dot to the polystyrene ball with the black pen.
  • Use different sizes / placements for the traditional googly eye ‘look.’
  • Place your googly eye stick in your plants. We reckon they look best in pairs, but you could mix it up if you want.
how to make googly eyes for your plants

And there you go! Ever feel like someone’s watching you?

Halloween decorations for plants - googly eyes
Making an eye for your spider plant

You can see more over on my Instagram:

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Once you’ve made google eyes for your plants, try one of these ideas:

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