Nicknames For Travis: 55 Best Travis Nicknames

January 31, 2024

Need A Nickname For Travis? Read 55 Travis Nicknames

Do You Want To Pick Travis As A Baby Name? Here Are 55 Of The Best Travis Nicknames

If you’re thinking of picking the name Travis for your baby, you might be hunting around for nicknames for Travis, the best Travis nicknames and wondering if Travis is a rare name, the Travis meaning or middle names for Travis.

Read this post for the best Travis nicknames, and lots of suggestions for your perfect Travis nickname.

travis nicknames

Travis is a traditional occupational name for boys, but you might also be looking for a short name or pet name to give your baby – luckily it has lots of nickname potential.

What Does The Name Travis Mean? The Travis Meaning

What does the name Travis mean?

In term of the Travis meaning, Travis is of French origins and it is an occupational name that was given to reference what people did for a living. Travis means tollgate keeper. Originally a surname that’s now common as a first name, it was given to individuals who were tollgate keepers.

How Popular Is Travis As A Name?

How popular is the name Travis? Is Travis a rare name?

If you’re looking for a rarer, less popular name for boys then Travis might be a good option. In America, Travis is way down the popularity list and is the 383rd most popular baby name for boys in the US.

Need A Middle Name For Travis?

middle names for travis

If you’re picking middle names for Travis, try one of these:

You could try a unique name for boys.

Or pick an old man name. Or you could pick a gender-neutral name.

Famous People Named Travis

Looking for famous people named Travis? Try one of these:

Travis Kelce, American football player for the Kansas City Chiefs

Travis Barker, musician

Travis McCoy, musician

If I Like The Name Travis, What Other Names Will I Like?

If you like the name Travis, you might be wondering what other names you might like.

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55 Nick names For The Name Travis

funny travis nickname

Read this list to find your perfect Travis nickname:

  1. Trav
  2. Travi
  3. Travy
  4. Travie
  5. Travey
  6. Trave
  7. Traver
  8. Travor
  9. Travo
  10. Travio
  11. Avis
  12. Ave
  13. Travv
  14. T
  15. Te
  16. Tee
  17. TeTe
  18. TeeTee
  19. Tea
  20. Tre
  21. Tree
  22. Trey
  23. Tra
  24. Rav
  25. Ravi
  26. Vi
  27. Vie
  28. Vis
  29. Rave
  30. Ravie
  31. Ravey
  32. Raver
  33. Terv
  34. Tervo
  35. Tav
  36. Tavi
  37. Tavie
  38. Tavey
  39. Tavy
  40. Tavvi

Cute And Funny Nicknames For Travis

If you want a cute or funny nickname for Travis, try one of these:

  1. Mr T
  2. T Team
  3. TNT
  4. Traviloi
  5. T-Rex
  6. T-Bone
  7. Treat
  8. Travelator
  9. Travel
  10. Traveler
  11. Travesty
  12. Travails
  13. Tails
  14. T: Rav
  15. T&T

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