Nicknames For Kevin: 66 Best Kevin Nicknames

March 14, 2024

Need A Nickname For Kevin? Read 66 Kevin Nicknames

Here Are 66 Of The Best Kevin Nicknames

If you’re thinking of picking the name Kevin for your baby, you might be hunting around for nicknames for Kevin, the best Kevin nicknames and wondering if Kevin is a rare name.

Read this post for the best Kevin nicknames, and lots of suggestions for your perfect Kevin nickname.

Kevin is a traditional Irish name for boys, but you might also be looking for a short name or pet name to give your baby – luckily it has lots of nickname potential.

What Does The Name Kevin Mean? The Kevin Meaning

What does the name Kevin mean?

In term of the Kevin meaning, Kevin is a boys given name of Irish origin, and means handsome. It is derived from the Irish name CaoimhĂ­n of which the feminine version is Caiomhe, or Keeva. The name Kevin first vame from the 7th century Irish Saint Kevin.

How Popular Is Kevin As A Name?

How popular is the name Kevin? Is Kevin a rare name?

If you’re looking for a rarer, less popular name for boys then Kevin might be a good option. In America, Kevin is way down the popularity list and is the 182nd most popular baby name for boys in the

66 Nick names For The Name Kevin

kevin nicknames

Read this list to find your perfect Kevin nickname:

  1. Kev
  2. Kevs
  3. Keev
  4. Keevs
  5. Ke
  6. Kee
  7. Key
  8. Kei
  9. Kevi
  10. Kevy
  11. Kevey
  12. Kevie
  13. Kai
  14. Vin
  15. Vinn
  16. Vini
  17. Vinni
  18. Viny
  19. Vinny
  20. Veney
  21. Venney
  22. Key
  23. Vine
  24. Nin
  25. Kev-O
  26. In
  27. Inn
  28. Inny
  29. Inie
  30. Innie
  31. Ini
  32. Inni
  33. Inie
  34. Innie
  35. K
  36. Kay
  37. Kaye
  38. Kevbo
  39. KevKev
  40. Kevio
  41. Kevington
  42. Ev
  43. Evster
  44. Kewi
  45. Kevine
  46. V
  47. Vi
  48. Vie
  49. Keeva
  50. Keevo
  51. Kevv
  52. Kevvs
  53. Kevvster

Cute And Funny Nicknames For Kevin

If you want a cute or funny nickname for Kevin, try one of these:

  1. Mr K
  2. K Team
  3. Kevlar
  4. Kevin McCalister
  5. KEVINNN (Home Alone style)
  6. Kevster
  7. Kevstar
  8. Vek
  9. Special K
  10. KevBot
  11. OK
  12. Kevin Costner
  13. Kevin Bacon

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