My pet and me

August 3, 2016

Name all your childhood pets….go! We had a series of goldfish. A series of rabbits, one called Jive Bunny (retro). A hamster. And our dog, a pet who was like an actual member of the family.

Creating a dream pet to turned into a soft toy

Eliza really wants a pet and often asks me if we can get one, mostly when we’re watching¬†Paw Patrol. Pets were such an integral part of my childhood that I can’t imagine my own children not having them. So it’s pretty inevitable that we’ll get one at some point.

PetPlan, providers of lifetime animal insurance for pets, challenged us to come up with a drawing of our dream pet. They sent us a whole load of art supplies and amazing animal books – hello, Chinese Crested Dog! – and asked us to hold a pet-themed drawing party.

Pet drawings and dog books

Creating our dream pet

Chinese crested dog

Both of mine love anything artsy / craftsy and drawing over anything, including themselves – see below – with felt pens, so we pretty much spent most of a week having a drawing party. They were occupied for *hours* so thanks, PetPlan!

E had very clear ideas about her dream pet; a rabbit, with massive ears, big eyes, lots of red, stripes and spots.

Drawing our dream pet

And this was the finished item…meet Twig.

A rabbit called Twig

And what these photos don’t show is that two minutes later, when my back was turned, one of my children drew all over her arms with the felt pens. Arghh!

But a week or so later, something pretty magic happened…guess who turned up in the post?

Have your child's drawing turned into a soft toy - the big reveal

Here’s the finished pet, come to life:

Have your child's drawing turned into a soft toy

How amazing?

Petplan has been providing pet insurance plans since 1976 in a bid to keep the nation’s pets and owners healthy and happy. It also does lots of good work with¬†animal rehoming charities. If you already have pets or are thinking of taking the plunge, check them out.

Thanks so much to PetPlan for working with us on this post. We’re lucky enough to get to do some fun things due to this blog but this is right up there with the best. Much joy all round.

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  • katie albury

    September 7, 2016 at 10:45 pm

    How amazing is this! I think it’s every child’s dream to create their very own one of a kind pet then have it brought to life! x

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