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Draw On The Floor At Mega Please Draw Freely, The Tate Modern

August 4, 2021

If You’re Searching For More Summer Holiday Activities, We Loved Mega Please Draw Freely

If you fancy getting down with your kids and drawing all over the floor of one of the UK’s most famous art galleries, head over to the Tate Modern in London to take part in Mega Please Draw Freely.

Mega Please Draw Freely at Tate Modern

But what is it, and do you need to book a ticket? Here’s everything you need to know about this new, free art event that’s a lot of fun for children AND parents.

What Is Mega Please Draw Freely At The Tate Modern?

Mega Please Draw Freely is an interactive art exhibition that’s turned the Turbine Hall floor into a giant drawing pad. It’s been covered with a vinyl surface, and everyone is encouraged to draw, write and doodle whatever you like all over it with giant crayons. There are also daily interactive art sessions at 11am and 2pm that take place in this fun, forest-like space.

Tate Modern for kids - Mega Please Draw Freely event

It’s the idea of artist Ei Awarkawa, who was inspired by the Gutai group of Japanese artists who wanted to change the world through art and play.

It is part of Tate Play series of free, creative activities for families.

And it’s especially good for every parent who’s ever discovered doodles on their walls or furniture (me).

How Does It Work?

Once you’re inside the Tate (you need to book first, see below) everyone is given their own bag of big crayons. You’re then free to pick a spot and can draw / write / doodle all over the floor, over and among everyone else’s drawings, writings and doodles.

Mega Please Draw Freely crayons

And that’s it, really! Don’t go in your best clothes as you are likely to get crayon all over you (but mainly on your children). And someone will probably try to draw on you with the big crayons. Mainly, your children.

As it’s the Tate there is also a cafe area nearby, as well as baby change facilities and a gift shop.

How Much Does It Cost And Do We Need To Book A Ticket?

Tickets are free, but you need to book a timed slot for the collection route in advance online (this also includes the Tate Modern galleries). More info here.

Although a booked time means you have to plan your visit, it does means numbers are kept low. When we went everyone was very spaced out, and wearing masks .

Lots of tickets are available, we booked the morning we went.

Drawing with kids at Mega Please Draw Freely at the Tate

When Is It On Until?

It’s on until 29th August.

So What Did We Think Of Mega Please Draw Freely At Tate Modern?

It’s a lot of fun…for everyone! Parents included. I noticed a lot of parents were really getting into it. Me included, obviously. There’s something really liberating about letting loose with the big crayons.

And hopefully they won’t try this at home.

Free art for kids - mega please draw freely

Where Is It And When Is It Open?

It’s taking place at the Tate Modern, which is open Monday to Sunday 10.00–18.00. The Tate Modern is at Bankside, London SE1 9TG.

Where Else Would We Recommend To Take Kids In London?

Here are a few more of our favourite places to take kids in London:

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