We review the Cantaloop breastfeeding bra

January 2, 2013

We review the Cantaloop Breastfeeding Bra:

Cantaloop Breastfeeding Bra review

Our Breastfeeding Journey – So far!

Eliza and I are approaching a year of breastfeeding, which also means a year of wearing my current maternity bras – so I was pretty happy to be asked to review the new Cantaloop Nursing Bra.

Before I gave birth another mum recommended the Bravado Silk Seamless Breastfeeding bras, and these have been fantastic so far (especially considering they have been worn day and night, are constantly in the washing machine, and have had liberal coatings of breast milk and baby sick and all that other loveliness). I reckoned it would take something special to compete on a level with these.

So, how did we get on with the Cantaloop breastfeeding bra?

First off, the Cantaloop bra is supremely comfortable. You really can’t tell you have it on, which is surely the mark of an excellent bra, maternity or not. It has drop down cups for easy boob access, and there’s also a layer of fabric underneath which means more coverage if you’re bothered about flashing everything. The bottom layer is also very supportive – my boobs looked pretty perky.

Fit-wise, it comes in various size bands that traditional bra sizes fall under (you can check out the bra fit guide for more info). I have a very narrow back size – 28-30 depending on the shop / bra / etc – and a bigger cup size, but the 1 / s size I was sent was spot on.

The fabric stretches with you, so it’s ideal for when your milk first comes in leaving you with a giant pair of Dolly Parton boobs (this happened to me, true story). It means you handily don’t have to go and get fitted after giving birth, when going on a trip to the shops is the last thing on your hormonal and sleep deprived mind. Plus it’s great for all the fluctuations in boob size throughout a normal day.

The clasp is an clever, clicky t-bar design. It does take some getting used though to and it’s not ideal in the dark, or when you’re doing it back up one handed. In terms of colour, I was sent white to review but it also comes in black. More choice of colours or patterns would be good; I would prefer nude colours to white, and it’s nice to have something that’s a bit more interesting when you’re wearing it so often.

In conclusion…when it comes to nursing bras:

The Cantaloupe Nursing bra is not massively sexy – unless sensible and practical is your thing! – but I’m not sure it’s possible to have a sexy maternity bra (I’d be happily proven wrong though). But it’s brilliantly comfortable, and definitely a worthy Bravado competitor.

It costs about £24 and you can also buy it in Boots. Check out the new Facebook page at www.facebook.com/cantaloopuk.

I was going to write some of my thoughts on breastfeeding so far, but think we’ll wait until a year as it seems like a more significant milestone, don’t you think? You can read about the post on things that surprised me about breastfeeding I wrote earlier in the year though. Also, Eliza has recently learned to point at my chest and say ‘boob’ when she wants milk – so proud! 

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