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Brilliant Bookshelves For Kids: Here Are 5 Creative Children’s Book Storage Ideas

November 16, 2020

Looking For A Perfect Children’s Bookcase? Here Are Five Of The Best Bookshelves For Kids

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Do you have a lot of children’s books? If you’re like us, then children’s books are something you have many of – like Lego sets – so we’re always on the lookout for the best bookshelves for kids and original and efficient children’s book storage ideas to use around the house.

Here are the best children’s bookcases bookshelves for kids and kids book storage ideas.

Childrens bookshelf ideas - book storage ideas for kids

Books are something I don’t mind having around the house. We are lucky to have inherited a lot of books and been given them as presents. Charity shops are also great for getting your hands on nearly new copies, especially when you have an avid reader who goes through a lot of books.

Of course, if your children love reading there’s also the library (books on tap! What’s not to love).

However, this does mean we need lots of ideas for kids book storage around our house.

IKEA picture ledges used as childrens bookcases

Does having a ot of children’s books all over the house sound familiar?

Ideally you want children’s bookcases and book storage ideas that will hold a lot of them, in a way that’s accessible so children can reach them. And ideally you also want them to look good. The dream.

Kids books storage ideas - childrens bookshelves

Five Of Our Our Favourite Kids Bookshelves and Children’s Book Storage Ideas:

Using IKEA Book Shelves For Kids

As you’d expect, IKEA have a lot of different children’s bookshelves. Everyone’s had the classic Billy bookcase at some point in their life, right?

While these are great for storing books en masse, there are also lots of IKEA hacks you can employ on other IKEA products, meaning you can use them as bookshelves.

IKEA hack spice rack bookshelves for kids, and how to make an easy felt ball garland

Our favourites are our IKEA Spice Rack bookshelves. These are the IKEA Bekvan spice racks we painted, fixed to the wall and use to display books.

We’ve had these for about seven years now, and they are still going strong.

Bookshelves for kids - the best IKEA book shelves for children

We use the IKEA Flisat dolls house as book storage. You can see this in my post on storage hacks with the IKEA Flisat and IKEA Lustigt.

The Flisat dolls house is a really fun, multi-use product. It can be wall-mounted and used as a shelf, or used as stand-alone book case / dolls house.

IKEA picture ledges are also good for storing books on display. Displaying books with the cover out makes them more likely to be read. And they look lovely, too.

IKEA picture ledges used as children's bookcases

Kid’s Wall Bookshelves From Great Little Trading Company

We also love wall bookshelves for kids. These keep books off the floor and means you can store them where children can easily reach them.

Childrens bookcases from Great Little Trading Company
Childrens book storage - Greenaway kids bookcases from Great Little Trading Company

Our favourite is the Great Little Trading Company Greenaway bookcase (which we were sent as a gift) on the wall by E’s IKEA midsleeper bed.

It’s a great way of keeping books off the bed and storing them in a easy-to-read place.

Storing Children’s Books In Unusual Places

Do you have any nooks / crannies / odd spaces where you can add bookshelves for your children?

We turned the the fireplace in E’s bedroom into book storage, which you can read about in our fireplace to bookshelf makeover post.

Fireplace bookshelf makover with Great Little Trading Company - kids bookshelf ideas

We used a cheap bookshelf from Argos inside the fireplace to display the books, along with gifted Great Little Trading Company Townhouse shelves.

Rainbow Bookshelves – Make A Colourful Display

Another idea for children’s book storage is to sort them by colour, or in rainbow order. I love storing books in this way. I think it looks really colourful and fun.

IKEA school run hacks - rainbow books and colourful book shelves
Rainbow bookshelves for kids - childrens book storage ideas

Or Make A DIY Book Bin

If you can’t attach things to your walls, or don’t have much space to do this, you could make a book bin instead. This is essentially a storage box or basket you can move around the house.

Tere are lots of ideas for making book bins over on Pinterest .

You don’t need anything particularly special to make one. You can just put books in a storage cube or bag, and leave them dotted around the house.

Children's storage baskets from Vertbaudet and stickers - children's book storage

Happy reading!

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