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How To Make An Art And Crafts Station For Kids

September 14, 2020

Want To Make An Art And Crafts Station For Kids? Here’s How We Made Ours…

One of the most useful things we’ve made in our house during our renovation is our kids art and crafts station. Our children use it all the time!

How to make an art area and craft station for children

If your children are keen artists and crafters – like ours – a craft station or art area is a good way of making their own little space where they can draw, paint and create on their terms.

How to make a children's art and crafts area in your house

It doesn’t have to be a big space, we used a small fireplace alcove. And let’s face it, a kids art and craft station is a really useful way of keeping all the millions of pens and felt tips they acquire, art and craft materials and piles of colouring books and paper in one place and stopping them creeping all over the house. Which inevitably happens.

How to make a kids art and crafts area

This post contains previously gifted items and affiliate links…

Let’s Get Crafty – Why We Made An Art Area For The Children

Both of my children are prolific artists and keen crafters. When we were renovating this room in our house, we wanted to make a separate art area for them to draw, paint, colour and create all the stuff kids love to create.

How to make a children's art and craft area in your house

You don’t need to have a lot of space to do this, our art and craft area is in a little nook / alcove next to the fireplace which used to have cabinets in – and we’re lucky to have this little space we can dedicate to them. But you can use a portable art trolley, shelf, pile of paper and a pot of pens in their own area on the table.

Our two mini crafters still use the kitchen table for colouring and drawing – it’s usually covered in paint – but we wanted them to have their own area to sit at with all the crayons, felt tips and pens within reach.

This area is one I get the most comments on over on Instagram, and it was really useful when we were homeschooling and parenting in a pandemic, especially when one of the children needed more help with their work, it meant the other could sit down an do a colouring sheet or picture.

Tips For Creating Your Own Art And Crafts Station For Kids:

  • Keep everything on their level – the main aim for us was giving them their own crafting space where they could sit and colour without having to come to use each time to ask for pens and paper
  • Make the art and crafts station really accessible and with art supplies within reach – although depending on their age you might need to keep some things on a higher shelf, our idea was for them to be able to fetch things themselves.
  • You don’t have to buy everything brand new – reuse and recycle – a lot of our pen pots, for example are recycled drinks glasses / kitchen containers / an old coffee jar. We also use plant pots I picked up from the charity shop
Art and Crafts area supplies - using a old coffee jar
How to make Art and crafts station supplies for children - using kitchen jars
  • Expect to tidy up a LOT – our art and craft station is always really messy, because it’s always in good use.

How We Made Our Crafting and Art Area…

Neon light in kids crafting area

(Contains some affiliate links). I was sent the Great Little Trading Company art table, chairs and pen holder that we use for our art and crafts station as part of my role on the Great Little Trading Company Testing Team a few years ago, and they’ve been in constant use (this table looks like a great alternative if you have space).

We also have the GLTC art caddy (parked up under the table) which contains art supplies, and is great for taking around the house

As mentioned, the other pen holders come from various places, including recycled boxes, plant pots and kitchen storage jars:

Our art station has evolved over the years, but the current decoration includes a neon sign and striped storage basket from HEMA, and a disco ball and gold wall stickers from Amazon.

Neon light and a children's crafts station

More ideas for creative family homes:

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