A brilliant tip for Do You Know? fans

November 21, 2016

I LOVED all the love that *everyone* seems to have for Do You Know? (the CBeebies science show explaining about how things work, I wrote about motherhood mysteries I’d like Do You Know to answer). And I now have a brilliant tip for Do You Know? fans of the show – and their children…

Who likes CBeebies show Do You Know? Here's a tip for Do You Know fans and lovers of Maddie Moate

The show is hosted by the wonderous Maddie Moate and if you send a stamped, addressed envelope – blast from the past! – to Maddie’s agent, details here, they will send you a signed Christmas photo of her. I know two children that would be so happy to get one of these.

Thanks so much to Gemma for sharing this tip for Do You Know fans on my A Baby on Board Facebook page.

You can also check out Maddie’s YouTube channel here. Amazing stuff.

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