Tempur Mattress Review and a night away at Hawkwood House, Oxford

April 21, 2016

Last week we had the job of a Tempur Mattress review and a night away in Oxford, staying at the Hawkwood House Hotel which is just outside the city in super-pretty Iffley Village.  We are currently in the ‘demolition’ stage of all our building work at home (with both stuff and dust absolutely everywhere) so any excuse to get away is good.

A Tempur Mattress Review and a night in Oxford

Tempur mattress review Oxford

Have you been to Oxford? ‘Have I been to Oxford before? I vaguely remember it’ I texted my mum; she replied with ‘Yes, we went with our friends and you had new pyjamas, a fire alarm went off.’ Nope, me either. So like Cambridge it’s somewhere I was keen to go back to years later.

Hawkwell House review Oxford

Our room at Hawkwood House was lovely; huge and airy, with really tastefully modern decor (fancy wallpaper and iPad doc) as well as a massive squashy sofa. The room was easily big enough to fit our bed as well as a cot, sofa bed and pram and not feel squashed, which is great for families.

And while it’s not the most child-friendly hotel – there’s no swimming pool or any facilities – it would make a really good wedding venue. The village is also lovely, full of gorgeous old stone cottages and Grand Design type project houses.

Testing out the Tempur Mattress – the Tempur Cloud

But we were there on a mission to test the mattress; or, more specifically, for a Tempur Cloud mattress review.

  • It’s the amazing king size memory foam mattress.
  • It comes complete with memory foam pillows
  • And it’s a standard mattress in these hotels.

Tempur mattress Oxford Hawkwell House review

Tempur Mattress review in Oxford

When you have small children and don’t get much sleep – still! – or get a lot of broken sleep, it’s vital that the sleep you do get is as good quality as possible. We upsized our bed a few months after Florence was born to fit us all in, and we got a new mattress too. It improved the quality of my sleep so much.

Testing our TEmpur memory foam mattress

If you never tried a memory foam mattress, then you totally should. They are amazing and manage to be both comfortably squishy and supportive at the same time. The one on our hotel bed was huge and it’s the type of simple thing that makes such a difference.

Inevitably, we were up and down several times that night with the mini members of the family, but the bed was so comfortable that we all ended up sleeping in it. And it was great for watching cartoons the next morning and sneaking in a sleepy mum-nap (well, trying, I can dream, can’t I?)

The next day we headed into Oxford proper by walking along the canal and river, and looked at all the Sunday morning rowers as they went past (Eliza was intrigued by the houseboats!).

Hawkwell House Hotel Oxford

Canal in Oxford

Hpuseboats on the river in Oxford

After a quick nose around and a cake pit stop we headed home. But Oxford, you were pretty lovely – we’ll be back soon.

Thanks to Tempur for working with us on our Tempur Mattress review and inviting us to stay at Hawkwood House. Follow me on Pintest at Gill_Crawshaw 

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