Two teeth and a turtle; ten texts from the week

August 16, 2015

Ten texts from the week

Ten texts I sent to Alex this week:

  1. Tooth number two is FINALLY here
  2. Oh wait, tooth number THREE is here too…
  3. Related; we’ve run out of Calpol and it’s raining. Please bring emergency supplies on the way home (e.g. wine)
  4. Someone just shouted at me on the bus because the baby wasn’t wearing socks or a blanket. What’s wrong with people? (full story about public parent shaming here)
  5. There’s a turtle in our garden! ! ! I was taking Florence down to look at the tomato plants and found a turtle. Whaaaat is going on? P.S. I’m serious.
  6. I have secured the turtle in the upturned sandpit lid. It is currently eating lettuce
  7. Just got Eliza home from nursery. Her face on seeing the turtle :-0 —> 😀
  8. It’s RAINING. Will he be OK in the sandpit? Can turtles swim? This is like having a third child. With a shell.
  9. Turtle has gone home to his mummy next door. Eliza currently saying ‘I miss the turtle…’ 🙁 🙁
  10. We’re going to have to get a pet, aren’t we?

And that was a large portion of last week, in a (tortoise) shell.

I also wrote posts on how Bing’s House saved me from a hangover, our rules for play and The Kid Who review, and all about suddenly having a super-active baby.

Any strange creatures turned up in your garden recently?

Photos: card from The Kid Who (I thought there was a turtley awesome pun in there) / the creature in question / E & F taking a break from turtle watching to read Miffy / pretty biblical clouds on one of the days it wasn’t raining).


  • Katrina

    August 18, 2015 at 11:14 am

    haha, this really made me chuckle Gill. Serious question though, how difficult are turtles to look after? & Don’t they live for like, ever, or something? I suddenly contemplated getting one 🙂

  • Shirley

    August 19, 2015 at 9:11 am

    At present Florence is too small for a pet (she will try to eat it) but as she grows this subject will rear its head again.goldfish are easy to maintain and hours of fun and can be easily replaced if an accident occurs

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