Fisher Price Bing House Review: It’s a Bing thing

August 16, 2015

The Fisher Price Bing House Review…

Here’s our Fisher Price Bing House review….Keeping children entertained for hours? It’s a Bing thing.

Have you seen Bing on CBeebies? We were recently sent the new Fisher Price Bing play house to review.

Fisher Price Bing House review

Who Loves CBeebies’ Bing?

Bing is the Cbeebies animated series – not the search engine – about a toddler bunny and his friends learning to cope with new experiences and emotions.

The theme of each episode is neatly summed up in a line at the end –  ‘Making friends…it’s a Bing thing.’

Early episodes feature the seductively soothing tones of actor Mark Rylance – from Wolf Hall – as Bing’s guardian Flop, and all the children are bigger than the adults, reflecting how child-centric life is at that age.

Bing House play set Fisher Price

The New Range Of Fisher Price Bing Toys For Kids

Part of the new range of Bing Toys from Fisher Price, we were sent Bing’s house (which comes with Bing and Flop figures) and the Coco and Charlie figure pack.

I’d been out for dinner the night before and while I wouldn’t say I was hungover, I was…struggling slightly, so this was a really welcome welcome distraction.

Bing children's play house Fisher Price review

Bing’s House Review – Our Thoughts

The house opens to reveal four different rooms on two levels for play. We were impressed at the little details in the house – the blender in the kitchen can be activated via a pressure pad on the floor, similar to the tumbling tower of blocks in the living room. There’s a wall poster in the bedroom of Bing’s favourite cartoon character. There’s moveable furniture for each room (the bed has a cover and there’s a bubble bath the toys can lie in).

The little Bing figure has soft felt ears that wiggle when you push down on his torso.

Bing figure and Bings House

This is similar to the Coco figure (Flop and the baby are hard plastic).

Bing Flop and Coco play figures CBeebies Fisher Price

A great thing about the house is that it is compact and folds up (please tell me most houses are like ours, with loads more toys than you ever imagined you’d have?).

Bing's play house review - folded

And another thing I loved is that it doesn’t make any noise or play any  tunes, which is brilliant when you may or may not have had a few glasses of wine the night before. Ahem…

The Bing House from Fisher Price

Fisher Price Bing House Review – Our Verdict

But what’s the children’s verdict? Well, it kept Eliza entertained for ages and it’s great for fostering imaginative small world play (central to our rules for play).

I’m pretty impressed with Bing’s House.  It’s possibly not something I’d have thought to buy the children myself, but then I clearly have no clue about toys (the Fisher Price Klip Klop Princess Stable I wasn’t too sure of remains is the most played with toy in our house). As well as the vintage retro Fisher Price Little People, all the FP toys are well loved in our house – from the modern Little People House to the baby gym and the iconic phone.

However, it doesn’t answer my biggest question about Bing – how does Flop stay SO CALM? Answers on a postcard please.

Is there a Bing fan in your house?

Bing’s House is £31.99 the Bing Figure Pack is  £11.95. Here’s a knitting pattern for Flop – how cute? And more ideas for toddler entertainment over on Pinterest.



  • sugar&rhubarb

    August 17, 2015 at 6:36 pm

    oh man……. I need to buy it now! Such wonderful pictures too. It reminds me of a more toddler friendly Polly Pocket, and I used to love those!! xx

  • Shirley

    August 19, 2015 at 9:05 am

    Fisher Price toys are so colourful and wonderful for children’s imagination. Eliza and Florence will be asking you to produce these for their own children one day as they stand the test of time and will remain in the memory.
    Worth every penny

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  • Emma Clement

    August 30, 2015 at 10:10 am

    Maegan absolutely loves Bing – this is currently too of her Christmas wish list! (Yes, she’s already asking about Christmas!) the funny thing is, her big brother will also sit and watch Bing – this is great as he’s just entered that phase where he doesn’t like some of the younger program’s – he gets annoyed when Peppa pig comes on!) but my little secret is that I love Bings house! All that Gplan mid century style furniture!

    Emma x

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