A baby abroad: travel with a toddler

June 2, 2013

On the beach, Le TreportSo we’re back! We’ve been on holiday to Aumale, north-western France, where we stayed for a week in a big old converted barn house. We were there with Alex’s family, some family friends, and a combined total of three children under two and a half.

There was plenty of this, this and this:

French food and drinkWe picked the one sunny day to go to the beach (top) and even made it to the zoo (below), adding lots of animals to Eliza’s mental menagerie that aren’t urban foxes.

At the zooEliza absolutely loved having all the attention of her grandparents, aunts and uncles, and being able to play with her mini partners in crime whenever she wanted. And it was so just good to be able to spend time with everyone. The weather was pretty much as miserable as the UK – of course! – but we did lots of sightseeing, drinking and eating. Alex and I got the chance to have some lie-ins, sneak out for an impromptu dinner, and I even read some books for the first time in absolutely ages. It was, in short, a lovely holiday.

At the parkThank you for all the toddler travel tips, they were very useful! I will hopefully try and write something a bit more profound and / or useful about our trip and travel with a toddler.

And I survived only a tiny amount of internet (honestly, not that bad – the world didn’t stop when I didn’t check Twitter every ten minutes, who’d have thought?).

So…what has everyone been up to? x.


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