Happy birthday 90th birthday Judith Kerr!

June 14, 2013

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Today is the 90th birthday of Judith Kerr, author of children’s classic When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, and of course, everyone’s favourite The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

The Tiger Who Came to TeaEliza has never had a favourite toy – apart from everyone’s iPhones – but has always loved books. She’s pretty fickle with her literary preferences, but The Tiger Who Came to Tea is one we come back to time and time again. She calls it the ‘teeeeeeeeea’ book; I call it ‘The Eliza Who Came to Tea’. She also calls the tiger ‘giger’ or ‘dada’ (ever-so- slightly worrying…). She was given a copy when she was born by my friend, and it has been much loved – but nearly met a premature end when she realised that that’s what happens if you pull too hard on the back page of a book. All taped up now, thankfully.

We just went to a playgroup at our local children’s centre. It was brilliant; we played on a giant garden xylophone, made a Father’s Day card and one of us ran around clutching some plastic asparagus (a BuzzFeed story waiting to happen). Also, what are these plastic toys called? I want to say Sticklebricks – but they were square, weren’t they?

Have a lovely weekend, what’s everyone doing? We are hopefully house-hunting (which seems a big step after talking about it for so long) and probably drinking the rest of our wine from France as a result.


  • Caroline

    June 14, 2013 at 6:49 pm

    I loved Judith Kerr’s books as a child… Well, still do!

    The toys are called Interstars. They seem to be a staple at nurseries and children’s centres, but nobody has them at home! You can buy them on Amazon though.

  • fritha

    June 22, 2013 at 8:01 pm

    Judith Kerr is amazing, although I think I do prefer the Mog books. Thanks for taking part again and so lovely to see you again this weekend 🙂 x

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