How to plan the perfect family holiday

July 28, 2013

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As you can’t have failed to notice, it’s finally summer – woohoo. So that means one thing; holidays (celebrate!) But before you crack open the Factor 30 and sip a couple of cocktails by the pool, how do you plan a break that’ll keep the whole family happy? Here’s a couple of ideas:

  • Pick a vacation location that works well for all of you. Pre-baby, we were a fan of long-haul break and boutique hotels. Now, we’d be happy with anywhere that has lots to keep our toddler entertained and space for her to roam about. And somewhere we can have some wine in the evening once she’s in bed
  • Can’t face the hassle of flying or long car journeys? Staycation all the way. There will probably be better weather here at the moment, so here’s some tips for keeping cool. And you’re saving the environment, too
  • Consider who you’re going to go with. We went to France with all of Alex’s side of the family recently. It worked brilliantly; we all got to spend quality time together, there was always someone to keep an eye on Eliza, and Alex and I even got the chance to sneak off for a dinner a deux (something that’s really tricky to organise at home)
  • And of course, you’re never going to have holidays which consist of long lie-ins, lazy days by the pool and late nights of fancy dinners and drinks when you have to constantly keep an eye on a toddler (not unless you’re lucky, and probably not for a good few years). But you’ll have a whole load more fun instead.

How much have your holidays changed since you had children? Do you go to different places, or do you stick to the same sort of locations? And do you ever really feel like you’re relaxing now? Let me know!

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