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IKEA Pegboard Hacks For The School Run With The IKEA Skadis pegboard

August 13, 2019

We Try Out IKEA Pegboard Hacks With The IKEA Skadis Pegboard

This is a sponsored post about the IKEA pegboard, the IKEA Skadis pegboard helping with school run hacks in association with IKEA…We all know that leaving the house with children is a challenge, but what about when you add in the added pressure of the school run?

Here to help you get mornings off to the possible best start, are my IKEA school run hacks and organisation tips using the IKEA pegboard, the IKEA Skadis pegboard.

IKEA school run hacks - IKEA pegboard hacks with IKEA Skadis

School Run Hacks With the IKEA Skadis pegboard

How is everyone feeling about going back to school? I know it seems like there is still lots of summer left, but it also feels scarily like September is looming large.

And this year, as Flo is starting school, it means I will have two children to get ready in the morning, meaning double the amount of hair clips, toothbrushes and school books to go missing two minutes before the bell is about to ring.

IKEA SKADIS pegboard - IKEA pegboard hacks and school run hacks

As we don’t want to be doomed to do the dreaded parenting walk of shame to sign the late book – at least not every day – I wanted to tackle the mornings head-on with better organisation which will mean smoother school runs with less stress. And most importantly, more time to have that first cup of tea of the day.

Here are two of my school run hacks, where I’ve used IKEA products – some new, some we’ve previously bought and love – to help your school run get off to a good start each morning.

School run hack #1: The school run station using the IKEA Skadis pegboard

There are certain small things you always need every school morning, like hairclips, hairbrushes and toothbrushes, all permission slips and money for various trips and events, the reading diary, and a pen for filling it in.

It’s a good idea, when it comes to school mornings, to have all the small things you need in the same place so you and the children know exactly where they all are. This will save you from running around the house, desperately and frantically searching at the last minute.

Seriously, though, where do all the hairbands go? I buy in bulk every year but there’s never one around when we need it.

IKEA SKADIS hack in children's bedrooms - IKEA pegboard hacks

I wanted to create an organised school run station to keep all these small things together in one place.

For the first of our IKEA school run hacks, to create our school run station we used the IKEA SKADIS, a wall-mounted pegboard system that comes in a variety of sizes with different accessories. You pick the size of the pegboard, and then add different accessories to suit whatever your needs are. These range from hooks to pots and bags.

The accessories hook into the holes in the pegboard, meaning you can change and rearrange them to suit your different needs.

IKEA Skadis pegboard is children's bedrooms - IKEA school run hacks
IKEA SKADIS pegboard close-up - IKEA hacks for the school run

IKEA Pegboard Hacks With The IKEA Pegboard

We picked the 36 x 56 cm SKADIS pegboard in white (£8), along with the clips (£1.50), container (£2), 3 x container with lid pack (£7) and the letter holder (£1.50).

The board is attached to the wall by Flo’s bed, and arranged to contain all the things we need in the morning, and within easy reach for her so she can find things herself and become more independent.

In terms of accessories for the board, we picked a couple of different options we thought would work well, like the IKEA SKADIS clips which we’re using to hold permission slips and motivational quotes (for that little bit of extra get-up-and-go).

The children’s toothbrushes seem to naturally gravitate towards their bedrooms. As a result, we’re now storing them in the SKADIS container, where there’s also lots of space for hairbrushes and also the all-important pen to fill in the reading book, write permission slips and reply to notes (and I can never find a pen when I need one, is it just me?).

We’re also using the SKADIS letter holder to store pencil cases and the lidded pots are also useful for storing small essentials like hairbands, hairclips and colouring pens.

IKEA Skadis pegboard close up - IKEA school run hacks

The IKEA SKADIS is an incredibly useful way of organising items, and displaying them so they’re easily in view when you need them We love the way it can be modified and changed to fit your needs, and personalised as much as you like too, especially to fit in with children’s bedrooms.

School run hack #2: Using IKEA t make a cosy reading nook

One of the most magical things about your child starting school is learning to read. And as a parent, it makes your life a lot easier if they do like reading and are keen to do it.

IKEA bed and bookshelves - IKEA school run hack

To help start Flo off on the right page with reading, we used IKEA products to create the second of our IKEA school run hacks, a cosy reading nook where she will be comfortable and happy to curl up, chill out and read her school books without any extra encouragement.

IKEA school hacks - IKEA reading nook
IKEA minnen bed and school run hacks

We’ve had the IKEA MINNEN bed and mattress since Eliza was a toddler and it’s still going strong, one owner later (if you’re looking for an extendable toddler-to-child bed, did you know the MINNEN now comes in yellow?!)

As her bed is already a cosy and comfortable favourite, it seemed like the natural place to create a reading nook. We added soft, fluffy IKEA cushion to make it as cosy as possible for her when reading.

IKEA Minnen bed and IKEA cushions - IKEA school run hacks

We also have the IKEA spice racks used as bookshelves on the wall, which are a great place to both store and display books. They are also a good place to store the school book and reading diary so you always know where they are when you need them. And, of course, pens!

IKEA spice rack bookshelves - IKEA school run hack

Let me know if you have any really useful school organisation tips. Best of luck with the school run, too. Here’s to no more mornings spent running around shouting ‘Where is your toothbrush?!’

What are your school run hacks? Thanks to IKEA for sponsoring this post. You can also read our IKEA malm drawers upcycle post.

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  • Kate | Lesbemums

    August 14, 2019 at 11:00 am

    Got some serious bedroom envy right now! What a gorgeous, colourful space.

    IKEA furniture is so versatile, it can be used in so many different ways. I love how the peg board is being used here, but I bet I could use it for my bullet journalling or T’s Lego!

    Thanks for giving me some inspiration!

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